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Sat May 24, 2008 00:00 - Fri May 23, 2008

Dear Rhizomers,

2 announcements : "Being There: BB3" and '" launch"

I am super pleased to announce the launch of a new catalog raisonne/site redesign for my project site:

Design in collaboration with

The redesign uses an interactive grid architecture across media and across projects, 2002-2008.

Coincidentally, today is the opening of 'Being There: Mapping the Contemporary" the Bucharest Biennial 3, curated by Bildmuseet Umea (Sweden) curators Jan-Erik Lundstrom and Johan Sjostrom


At BB3, Museum of Geology, Bucharest, Carrizoprime (2006) is showing as a single channel installation video. Click here to enjoy a podcast:\_casts.html and the info\_inst.html

Other works in the biennial include large scale photomontage, including Slipcity (2005)

Artists in BB3:

Kristoffer Ardeña (ES/PH)
Lauri Astala (FI)
Milena Bonilla (CO)
Bureau D’Études (FR)
Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil (FR)
Lukas Einsele (DE)
Buckminster Fuller (USA)
Atlas Linguarum Europae (EUR)
Eduard Freudmann & Can Gülcü & Lorenz Aggermann (A)
Lucia Ganieva (RU/NL)
Frances Goodman (ZA) (ES)
Mona Hatoum (PS/LB/GB)
Brian Holmes (FR/USA)
Ashley Hunt (USA)
Karlo-Andrei Ibarra (PR)
Johan Jarnestad (SE)
Emma Kay (GB)
Maria Lantz (SE)
Cezar Lazarescu (RO)
Philippe Rekacewicz/Le Monde Diplomatique (FR)
Dinu Li (GB/HN)
Armin Linke (IT)
Mikael Lundberg (SE)
Bertien van Manen (NL)
Adrian Matei (RO)
Christina McPhee (USA)
Randa Mirza (LB)
Oliver Musovik (MK)
Karina Nimmerfall (A)
Josh On (USA)
Yoko Ono (USA)
Lia Perjovschi (RO)
Arno Peters (DE)
Sabine Réthoré (FR)
Arjen Van Susteren (NL)
Jan Svenungsson (SE)
Adriana Varejão (BR)

The curators write: "Never perfect, never complete or altogether comprehensive, never final, but always tentative, wanting, deficient, incomplete, unnerving - representation is failure, representation is loss - and yet capable, versatile, illuminating, productive, and life-saving.... Each and every map is pursuing its particular job, its specific incremental addition to the world, its reading of specific elements, components, details, of the world, its undoing of those same elements, specificities, particulars; while, simultaneously, pointing - insidiously and exuberantly - to that always over-determined totality of all measures and things, that which we like to call reality.


January 2008 on -empyre- soft-skinned space: Stations, Sites and Volatile Landscapes

January 2008 on -empyre- soft-skinned space:

Stations, Sites and Volatile Landscapes

with Naeem Mohaiemen, Katherine Carl, Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss, Nat
Muller and John Haber

In the wake of the post-war situationists, the seventies Moebius-strip
concept of 'site/non-site


Re: RHIZOME RAW: Soren Pold's article on the work of Christophe Bruno

cool! also Christophe was a very articulate and often humorous guest
on -empyre- for the topic "is modernity our antiquity?" , the first of
the documenta 12 -related conversations we did, in March 2006.
Christiane Paul, Dirk Vekemans, and Erik Kluitenberg were in the panel
as well. Here's Christophe;;;;;;;
msg00034.html and more

see in general, for the raw hypertext:

or for an html linear text, here:

On Nov 26, 2007, at 3:22 AM, Jim Andrews wrote:

> Here is an excellent article on the work of Paris's Christophe Bruno:
> This is the first thing i've read about Christophe's work. It's really
> exciting that it is such a good article. It isn't boring. Which is
> exceptional concerning writing about digital literature or perhaps
> anything.
> Christophe does truly intelligent, innovative, sparkling work.
> Finally an
> article that is up to his work.
> Congrats to Lori Emerson for being the editor and especially S


lovesick zombies

Jason, !! This is my most favorite ever of all your amazing works.
I can't get past level 5 possibly because
I am trying to keep shooting and I don't want to read your game
theories. Alarmingly, the statistical
zombies are shooting me.
On Oct 27, 2007, at 12:15 AM, Jason Nelson wrote:

> all, a new game/artwork
> it's a first draft, so any and all comments
> are met with brilliant gratitude
> title: Alarmingly, these are not lovesick zombies.
> cheers, Jason Nelson
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October 2007 on -empyre-: "DNA Poetics"

October 2007 on -empyre-: "DNA Poetics"

Two words well placed, no? After Judith Roof's "The
Poetics of DNA". That DNA (hereafter Code) is
perhaps, but a metaphor for a substance (and/or
protocol?) is what concerns us here, this month of
October, on -empyre-.

The Code is meaningful, we can agree. But of what
meaning is it full? Meaningful of biology? Meaningful
of poetry? Should we speak of the people's (public)
Code? A corporatized (private) Code?
Who is charged with its derivation?
With the responsibility of Code's proof?

Is there no Code, and only 'codes'?

please join us: subscribe at


Moderated by Nicholas Ruiz III (US) Editor, Kritikos

with special guests

Judith Roof (US) is professor of English and Film
Studies at Michigan State University. Her books
include All about Thelma and Eve: Sidekicks and Third
Wheels, and The Poetics of DNA.

Eugene Thacker (US) is associate professor of New
Media in the School of Literature, Communication, and
Culture at the Georgia Institute of Technology. His
books include Biomedia, The Global Genome, and The

Nicholas Ruiz III
CoModerator, -empyre-

Dr. Nicholas Ruiz III
Editor, Kritikos