Davide Anni
Multimedia Art, Visual Culture, New Media
Art Director @ Art&Technology Center Ualuba.org, Brescia, Italy
Lecturer in Multimedia Design @ Academy Albertina, Torino, Italy
Lecturer in Multimedia Design @ Academy Carrara, Bergamo, Italy
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Nothing Lasts Forever

Sat Dec 31, 2011 00:00

Download game:
MAC OS  http://www.nothinglastsforever.org/NLF_1.0.MAC OSX.zip
Windows  http://www.nothinglastsforever.org/NothingLastsForever_1.0_win_setup.exe
Davide Anni is proud to present
Nothing lasts forever is a collaborative videogame based on recentent international news dealing with Internet freedom and freedom of speech as well as on the transparency of personal data about global population. The videogame also focuses on the role that big corporations play in the process of definition of such freedoms and their influence on the Internet itself.
Nothing lasts forever is a videogame developed at Accademia Carrara di Belle Arti di Bergamo (Italy). This project has been possible by an active participation of the students and the work of Davide Anni, professor of Multimedia Design and Andrea Giuliano, professor of Interactive Systems. Nothing lasts forever is also a n open source software, released under GPL3 license (Free software foundation).
Main features are:
- the videogame can be freely executed
- the videogame can be copied
- the videogame can be distributed by anybody
- the videogame can be freely modified and analyzed
These principles are derived by Free software principle to whom we got inspiration for the distribution of our product.
Copyright under General Public License 3 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
During the time to universal deceit telling the truth become a revolutionary ART
Nothing lasts forever is an interactive interpretation of our reality through the embodiment of one the most controversed and contradictory character of these days, maybe a great artist: Julian Assange. Pop culture continuously needs myths. Nothing lasts foreverhelp create a myth and at the same time it partecipates to its unmasking. Art, embodied in Julian Assange, becomes indeed the only instrument able to subvert systems. Nothing lasts forever is an eccelent media that integrates diverse forms of creativity, such as storytelling, sound design, 3D modeling, graphic design, photography and, more in general, every visual communication techniques.
Videogames, like satyr and few other communicative languages, are an amazing mean of communication for transfering contents, ideas, and beliefs without taking care of censorship. Collaboration
Videogames industry is a mass phenomenon based on a verstile language in the fields of entertainment, art, education and, moreover, visual communication. Contemporary technologis open new horizons in the creation and development of such fields, stimulating creativity of programmers, designers and artits