Hugo Paquete
Since 2009
Works in Portugal

Hugo Paquete / Head of the Institute of viral sonology (b 1979) Intermedia and sound artist, which in his research uses concepts about space and microtonality as a visual and audible ecosystem according to spatial and psychological characteristics, (acoustic, architectonic, sculptural, perspective, communicative, evocative and environmental). The result is an audible interaction, open and indeterminate to the present time scales nano and macro. Territory of hyper-sensation and experimentation, observation and enclose the body in the listening act, turning it active and explored referential and resonator propulsive in a psycho-acoustic level. In his works he uses technical elements and practices from the field recording to computer generated sound synthesizing and audio spacialization. Denoting interest in stochastic probabilities between computer algorithmic and programming interaction.
He was a resident artist in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe, IMA | Institute for Music & Acoustics. Received an ZKM grant for the development of different compositions, multimedia projects focused in sound spacialization and interaction between sound and psycho-acoustic in multichannel configuring systems and free software uses.
He received a commissioned compositional work from Chris Ziegler to develop an interactive composition system for iphones, integrated in a dance media pieces presented as premier in the ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie 2011, Karlsruhe with the name Pygmalion.
He has actively presented his research in solo and collaborative art activities, nationally and internationally. He is developing other project with the name SSTFM and Quadrivium project focus in electroacustica and acousmatic music.
He collaborated with the Lithuanian Artist Julijonas Urbonas to the development of the sound composition to the Talking Doors project that earn the price Prix Ars Electronica 2010, and recommendation jury 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo, Japan 2010 and honorary mention in the Media, Live 2011 Grand Prix, Turku, Finland.
Selected solo activities:
In - Sonora VII Muestra de Arte Sonoro e Interactivo. Museu Rainha Sofia, Madrid, Espanha 2012. / Audiorama/Ars Acustica 4, Stockholm, Sweden. 2012. / International Radiophonic Creation /Journee de la creation radiophonique – France and other countries. 2012. / SoundGate – A part of Port2010, Kunsten Museu, Utzon Centre and Platform4, Dinamarca, 2011Sonic Vigil V, Sound Station, St Fin Barre`s Cathedral - Ireland, 2011. Festival Música Viva 2008-2009, Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa –Portugal / 39- Imebconcours internationaux de Bourges Musiques electroacoustiques et arts electroniques 2009 –France / Zeppelin 2009 Sounds of power / Listening of fear. Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona –Spain / Art Tech Media 2007, Madrid –Spain / Festival DAW 07, Centro de computação Zurich –Switzerland / File 2007, Electronic Language International Festival, São Paulo –Brasil / between others.

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Call for 60 sec Sonic Material by Institute of viral sonology

Thu Feb 28, 2013 16:25

This call consists of exploring the potentiality of the computer as an automatic machine to generate compositional material and aesthetics content based on stochastic probabilities. 60 second files 6 composers collaborators 6 minute compositions 12 tracks Connecting and collecting sound material from different collaborators without prior selection. Constructing a social and artistic possibility to generate aesthetic content based on the power of computer algorithmic to compose in a randomatic aesthetic.

Exploring the dynamic reaction in entropic systems of communication in a non liner approach to composition and aesthetics, relating media space, content and counter non linear information practices to generate content with noise as a source of mining and cognitive dispersion in the media, city environmental.

Thanks to all collaborators,

Institute of viral sonology

Director: Hugo Paquete.


The computer

Organization: Institute of viral sonology

Director and concept: Hugo Paquete

Year: 2012

Send the files to:

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Lets collaborate.

Dear all,

The Institute of Viral Sonology have the pleasure to present the editions that is developing in an collaborative compositional method base in a call.

The editions:


The editions are published by Modisti.

The call is still open inviting all composers and artist to send 60 seconds sound files.

More info: