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Twitter Faves

For his recently released book Twitter Faves, Travis Hallenbeck compiled most of his favorite twitter posts from ~250 users into a compendium of online expression. The 500 page book is an archive of musings, confessions, declarations, observations, and truisms, compressed into 140 characters or less.
Here are a few gems and pearls of wisdom culled from the collection:

MaggieBurke: Just saw a picture of a girl with "tupac lives" tattooed on her arm in wingdings. My mind is blown forever.

dentifyingwood: risky fashions are for people who walk with friends

unnuunnu: kiwi strawberry is such a 90s flav i hate it but i can relate

rifftown: my god given right to sleep in this burger king bathroom until it stops raining outside and/or i finish my night train

osfa: left click disabled

screensaver: alone at the buffet

blackmoth: deep read of your creep feed

newrafael: why are they called apartments if they are stuck together

George_Costanza: Trying to make a tweet that will make it to her #favorites

kimasendorf: on the /|\ autobahn

petcortright: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Ahmed Basiony at the Venice Biennale

Left: Ahmed Basiony, Documentation of 30 Days of Running in the Place, February–March 2010,
Palace of the Arts Gallery, Opera House Grounds, Cairo, Egypt. Photo by Magdi Mostafa
Right: Ahmed Basiony, 28th of January (Friday of Rage) 6:50 pm, Tahrir Square.

Ahmed Basiony, an Egyptian new media artist, musician, and professor who was killed in Tahrir Square on January 28th, is representing Egypt at the Venice Biennale. The exhibition features documentation of Basiony’s 30 Days of Running in the Space, a 2010 performance, projected over five screens and juxtaposed with Basiony's footage of the Tahrir Square protests filmed in the days before his death. In 30 Days of Running in the Space Basiony performed daily for one hour wearing a plastic suit that covered his entire body with digital sensors calculating the amount of sweat he produced and the number of steps he took while jogging around the room. The data, which was then projected onto a large screen with a graphic grid and geometrical colored shapes, corresponded to the physiological changes of the artist's body in motion. The unedited partnering protest footage depicts Basiony's experience of Tahrir Square on January 25th- 27th. The exhibition for the Egyptian Pavilion was conceived by Basiony's friend Shady El Noshokat and curated by Aida Eltorie.

An interview with commissioner Shady El Noshokaty and curator Aida Eltorie

More information and coverage of Basiony's work at the Biennale can be found at:
Art and Culture
Universes in Universe


Kickstarter Projects We ❤

In conjunction with Rhizome's brand new curated page on Kickstarter, we are featuring select projects from the site on the blog. If you would like to let us know about your fund raising efforts on Kickstarter, shoot us an email at editor(at)

►INDEX Festival

The Index Festival will transpire in August 2011 in New York City.  Our aim is to bring together individuals and groups who cognitively  engage media culture. We welcome the interdisciplinary, shared and accessible culture we are coming to live in as a result of digital technology. Our mission is to focus on projects that blur the vocabulary of science and art, dissect the media that describes our culture today, and to disseminate out from the [cultural] institution, and further into the multi textural international landscape.

The Index Festival website and blog will offer all the scheduling for this event as it becomes available. However, the project is expanding and the blog will also offer curatorial statements and micro-reviews of individuals we are working with and who we believe are actively engaging the current digital climate. This site will proudly promote these individuals and their work as we believe it necessary to help share and continue thinking and discussing the ways in which media and technology impact our lives.


We are a group of artists organizing the exhibition  will be a combination of curated works and collaborative works created by us as we examine how we manage connections and navigate our lives through real and virtual space.

If you hear a tree fall in a virtual forest, were you there?
A machine is anything that allows us to tremendously exceed the limitations of our bodies. Through the evolution of technology and eventual/inevitable automation we become less ...