Peter William Holden
Since 2005

I’m exploring ways of dissolving the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture and in my recent investigations of this theme I've been using computers combined with mechanical elements to create mandala like installations. I consider these mechanical installations to be the medium I work with and just a necessary step to achieve what I believe is the true focal point. The focal point being the ephemeral animations / choreographies that are created when the machines are in motion.

I believe this fascination with moving imagery and the transformation of objects stems from my youth where early home computers of the 1980s gave me a glimpse into the wonderful world of applied mathematics. On these computers it was possible with simple codes to generate fantastic abstract patterns and sounds in real-time. That encounter destroyed forever the boundary in my mind between abstract and real.

Dance also plays a significant role in my kinetic art; I was drawn to it through electronic music. Electro with its synthesized sound introduced me to break-dance and my soul was captured by the beauty of choreographed physical movement.