Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: The Female Pixel

 A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive and around the web, around the theme of 'The Female Pixel' 

Paragon Sexa Doll [Intro] by fmtownsmarty [PK]


A monthly on-line / offline happening celebrating female pop-culture icons

Above: Examples of gif put together by Andrew Benson (Grace Jones), Haruko Hirukawa (Marianne Faithfull), Jennifer Chan (Dolly Parton), and Yoshi Sodeoka (for Grace Jones). Grace McEvoy (first event gif.) Emilie Gervais &Sarah Weis (second event gif.) Also included above are animated gifs taken at various event nights created by Lorna Mills and Tony Halmos.

"Sheroes is a monthly limited-run art party series bringing together on and offline works that playfully and performatively explore the iconography and cultures of fandom surrounding an ever-expanding "League of Legendary Ladies": Joni MitchellChaka KhanTina TurnerMadonnaYoko OnoErykah BaduEtta JamesMarianne FaithfullDolly PartonGrace JonesDusty Springfield & more. 

Sheroes is presented by salonnière reeraw (Rea McNamara). Based in Toronto, the series curates specially commissioned performancessounds,installations & visuals."

As well as the monthly happenings there is also an upcoming day-and-night SHEROES Virtual Season event at the WhipperSnapper Gallery, featuring work and performances from the year-long run as well as musicians and net-art installations.

More about the Sheroes project can be found at their Tumblr Blog and their Google+ Page 

Lillian Schwartz

Self Portrait

Pioneer of art created with the computer: 

Lillian Schwartz is best known for her pioneering work in the use of computers for what has since become known as computer-generated art and computer-aided art analysis, including graphics, film, video, animation, special effects, Virtual Reality and Multimedia. Her work was recognized for its aesthetic success and was the first in this medium to be acquired by The Museum of Modern Art.

Her contributions in starting a new field of endeavor ...


Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: Television

X1795 by Max Capacity

A collection of items from the Prosthetic Knowledge Tumblr archive, around the theme of 'Television' 


de/Rastra by Kyle Evans 

An old television set is converted into a live performance instrument, an oscillographic synthesizer which "... allows a performer to generate visualizations intrinsic to cathode ray tube technology while simultaneously creating the acoustic analog of the displayed imagery ... " Project Home Page  (PK

LG Plasma Arc Display Panel - Burn Baby Burn 

A burned-out Plasma television, applied with excessive voltage, displays a slow yet spectacular visual disintegration which would make Gustav Metzger proud. (PK)


Japanese automated glitch image project, running since January 2009, creates random images from mixing various Japanese television feeds and uploads the results to it's Flickr account.

"I am a robot for generating abstract-images of Japanese TV programs requested by my followers"

クッキンアイドル アイ!マイ!まいん!「特集 

Flickr / Twitter @fuba_recorder 

1001 TV Sets (End Piece) 

Installation by David Hall at the Ambika P3 Gallery, London. Using television sets of various ages, all were running up to the 18th April which was the switch-off point for analogue television signals in the UK.

Here is a video from the University of Westminster of the piece - wait till the 2 minute 19 mark (PK)  

Television Test Cards From Around The World 

A Russian Livejournal entry from 2009 features a collection of television tuning displays (unnecessary for modern televisions) from around the world, which we can now appreciate for their geometric aesthetics.

More (in Russian) here. (PK)

Other Notables: