Louis Jargow
Since 2011

Louis Jargow is a scholar of political theory and continental philosophy, poet, artist and community organizer currently living in NY. Louis has organized with the Occupy Wall Street movement since its genesis in September 2011, helping to create and facilitate the Direct Action Working Group, Solidarity NYC, the Mutual Aid Network, along with coordinating larger events, actions, and trainings. Louis has been awarded numerous travel grants for research. He visited, published on, and attended conferences regarding the Zapatista Caracoles in Chiapas, Mexico, Autonomous Exarchia in Athens, Greece, and the Transition Movements and Utopian Political Communities in Sweden, Denmark and the UK and across the US.

Louis is currently publishing E//O, a contemporary poetic retelling of the Eurydice and Orpheus myth—a memory of a memory of a memory. Following the classical story of life, death, and a trip to the beyond to rescue love, our E//O carefully examines Eurydice’s own decision to go down to Hades.

His writing has been published by Zero Books, The Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, Tidal: Occupy Theory, Emma Magazine, Year Zero, The Hen, Daycaf Magazine and Info Wars. Louis is coeditor of The Hen and DAYCAF Magazine, and has been a traveling scholar working with the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics, in Chiapas, Mexico, and New York City. Artistically, Louis has collaborated artistically, at home and internationally, with the Yes Men, Reverend Billy, New Paradise Laboratories, The Riot Group, Lars Jan. Louis is a founding member of Science Center and Telephone Bronco Theater Company. Louis’ work has been commissioned by the Zero Film Festival, the Chicago Anarchist Film Festival, the Digital Arts Festival, the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival, and PIFA. His work can be viewed on Rhizome ArtSpace.