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July 2: NYC poetry event with Kev, Bunny Rogers, and Brigid Mason

Just following up with this, I found a video of Kevin's performance on Youtube. Audio quality was not great, so I made an effort to transcribe it:


The transcription is hosted on Rap Genius. You are invited to sign in with Twitter and post an annotation, if you can shed some light on Kevin's performance, or help puzzle out some of the muffled words.

Additionally, many of his poems are accompanied by physical gestures, such as the "threading silk" movement or the "recycling bin" section. It might be worthwhile to make gifs from some of these moments to illuminate the text, as I have done with the threading silk movement.

In all I hope this transcription helps us continue to think critically about this crucial topic.


Internet Real Estate, Art and Power: The cases of Artsy and .art

For the American registrant, domain names are historically apolitical and more of a fashion thing. It's startling to an American, to whom .com is little more than a suffix, when a TLD exercises some arbitrary rule over who gets domains. For instance -- Domains ending in .uk are not available, only .co.uk. Domains in some countries require a domestic tax ID or local agent (Russia is an example). .Edu requires you to be an educational institution (but this was not always the case). .Cat is only available for people who speak Catalan. And so on.

The American's grasp of geography is tenuous. Can you find Tuvalu on a map? Or Niue? Does .ch correspond to China or Switzerland? There is greater danger with dot-art falling into the hands of someone who treats art with a capital A, as opposed to handling it as an empty signifier. Which is more American -- the musty odor of the sacrosanct, or a yearly subscription fee? Which one will let me register golfc.art?

This discussion does not take into account where the TLD's servers will live -- in a dry county or a wet one. .Tv was once administrated by the guy for whom the Android phone is named, and the servers lived in his friend's garage. An amusing anecdote:

"So what are you going to do about Rubin?" Kim asks, referring to a WebTV executive who at one point managed to get administrative control of .tv without the government in Tuvalu knowing about it. ...

1996: "I was scanning the list of ISO 3166 country codes, and I was like, 'Wow! TV!'" An online database, though, showed that IANA had given administrative authority for .tv to Andrew Rubin, manager of communications software for WebTV. But Kim noticed something he thought was strange: No .tv names were being sold. So he called Funafuti. "I got in touch with the finance secretary, and I said this guy Andrew Rubin is not maximizing your revenue. And he was like, 'Who is Andrew Rubin?'"


Beyond the Surface: 15 Years of Desktop Aesthetics

Great news! Name-brand net artists still use Macs to get their work done. Cheers to Rafael Rozendaal for keeping a clean workspace. Jeers to Brad Troemel for his background -- it looks like he is cutting up powder drugs on a "For Dummies" book.

Honestly! Krist Wood is the only desktop with any mystery to it -- what OS is that anyway? Only Laura Brothers and Katja Novitskova use something like windows anymore.

Alas, Cruces rejected submissions from the public, preferring to canonize netart celebrities similar to Domenico Quaranta's facile "Collect the WWWorld" exhibition. This is just another password-protected circlejerk, and the password is "MFA".


Poems by Steve Roggenbuck

Steve Roggenbuck is not so good because he is just on this pedomorphic trend that men can get away with, as this is the age of the manchild.

It is bizarre, altlit ppl rebel against mainstream lit in this strange way by creating this identity of weakness (i.e. posing as autistic) which is really just distracts any critique of whatever MFA farm system Steve Roggenbuck is rejecting. Steve Roggenbuck acts retarded. He really isn't retarded. Or is he? He did pursue an MFA for a little while. Either way, this is a gimmick that Tao Lin successfully perpetrates because he seems to have popularized it. Roggenbuck really should try something else out, especially if he wants to be a viable "alternative" to anything.

(also come at me if you think "retard" is an identity that can be claimed and performed by retarded people... I'm sure he couldn't get away with this if he approached in a wheelchair).

Back to gender, last week's topic: Roggenbuck sort of plays with it only in a mysoginistic way. He professes love to mainstream teenage girl icons such as glasspopcorn and Justin Bieber. This paired with his obsessive facebook posting, laden with intentional typos echo a contemporary teenage girl identity. He soundtracks his videos with saccharine pop music, yet he embodies a very crude masculinity where he often yells about his penis. It might be interesting if he were trying to perform teenage girlhood, but he co-opts elements of it without any awareness of how young women ultimately end up as prey and trophies for "artsTards".