Adelin Schweitzer
Since 2012

Adelin schweitzer, visual artist, born in 1978.
After entering Aix-en Provence’s art school (Ecole Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence) in 1999, he was introduced to mechanics and electronics inside the LOEIL labora- tory directed by Christian Soucaret. Adelin experiments and discovers artists who will mark his coming approach; Tinguely, Marc Pauline from the S.R.L and also Stelarc.
Graduated in 2004 (DNSEP), he met with the association Lézarap’art based in the neighbourhoods north of Marseille, in which he obtained a work space after a residence for creation that enabled him to pursue his research. From then on he will regularly organise amateur art workshops inside this organisation, where he will transmit his passion for the diversion and recycling of industrial objects.
In 2005 he presents his first device, the Videopuncher 1.3 at the biennial of contemporary art ARCO in Madrid and, with the same project, takes part in the manifestation of “La villette numérique” in Paris. With this installation, Adelin takes a step back with respect to the form and becomes interested in the social mechanism at stake behind it.
As a result of these thoughts, he creates the installation project ININTERACTIVE in which he constructs devices that question the place of the spectator/actor in the pro- cess of interaction with machines.

In 2007, Adelin improves his artistic path by bringing his expertise into different collaborations, especially with the artist Eduardo Cac or the “Bains Douches” of Montbé- liard. He also collaborates with the Sérial Théâtre and the “ateliers Sud Side” on the mechanical conception of a prototype, F.A.C.E.S, a project of a monumental interactive sculpture intended for public space and shown during the workshop presentations of the FAIAR and then at “Chalon dans la rue” the following year.

In april 2008 he shows, in the frame of the exhibition “Arenas Movedisas”in Gijon, his project ININTERACTIVE before organising his first personal show in Marseille. In September of that same year he goes to England in order to lay the foundations of his project Augmented Reality in the frame of Liverpool European Capital of Culture 2008. He will henceforth devote all his energy to the development of this multimedia project that he starts presenting in different contexts in France and abroad (Métal/ Liverpool, the VAD festival/Girona, Empreintes numériques/Toulouse, Seconde Nature/Aix-en-Provence, Smart City/Paris).
Since 2009 his association with two cultural organisations, the ZINC and Seconde Nature will enable him to pursue this project.

Beginning of 2010, he starts another project produced by the ZINC, HollyVj, which mixes skateboard performances and video and of which a first draft was shown during a “Nice to Meet You” organised by the ZINC and the Friche Belle de Mai (Marseille) in January 2010.

His most recent work: HolyVj (2011/2012) : video performance based on a skateboard device equipped with cameras.
A-Reality (2008 – 2011) : a project of urban walks based on the use of an electronic prosthesis that modifies our perceptions of reality.
Ininteractive (2006-2010) : installation project that contains interactive devices that play on the technological conditioning of the spectator/actor.