akiko ichikawa
Since 2002
Works in Brooklyn United States of America

My work is concept-based, whether it takes the shape of a gifting performance work, a piece of art criticism, wall sculpture or Net art. WHERE DO WE COME FROM, WHAT ARE WE, WHERE ARE WE GOING? (2004), my net.art piece in Rhizome’s ArtBase, is a work of fantastical, impossible sculptural installations done with the simplest of means. My project with Chris Bors and Ketta Ioannidou's Cyprian gallery, VARIATIONS ON A THEME, completed in 2007, documents an exhibition that never actually happened.

My Facebook groups, I ♥ RED FOOD, I ♥ ORANGE FOOD, I ♥ YELLOW FOOD, I ♥ GREEN FOOD, and I ♥ BLUE FOOD piggy-back Facebook’s popularity and accessibility, to create an online community of like-minded foodies with an eye toward celebrating a color common to city food—be it take out, cooked at home, or seen. Each group is a self-generating work in the vein of Mark Napier's Digital Landfill and net.flag, relying on viewer actions to enact the work.

LIMITED, LIMITED EDITION (2005-) is an ongoing series of site-specific gifting performances that drew out viewer-participatory conversations about cultural difference while playfully querying how language and culture are often misrecognized through the distribution of mass goods (Visit https://vimeo.com/68499637).

I have exhibited at PERFORMA, Socrates Sculpture Park, Momenta Art, ABC No Rio, Andrew Kreps gallery, Aljira Contemporary Art Center, and in Incheon, South Korea. I have written for FLASH ART and NY ARTS magazines and composed a foreword to Momenta gallery's catalogue. I am also the recipient of grants from Artists Space, the Public Art Fund, Robert Rauchenberg's Change, Inc., among others.


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