Alexander Mouton
Since 2002
Works in Seattle, Washington United States of America

As an artist, I explore the potential that new technology has for bringing visual and sound arts together for interactive and immersive works both online and in physical spaces. Much of my work explores the territory between linear and non-linear narrative, often alluding to the unknown, whether investigating individual psychology, relations between people, or social issues. My goal is to create interactive works that engage a viewer in an experience integrating emotion and intellect, where the use of images & sounds can lead off into surprising worlds, looping back over each other through the possibilities that the interactivity & programming provide. I work predominantly with Flash, coding my own using ActionScript and JavaScript for pieces equally suitable for an intimate web experience or a large gallery projection. Working collaboratively is key to my explorations and I have been involved in many projects over the last 15 years including the creation of an interactive video installation called Ethereal Landscapes that links an artists’ book with a video + audio database for an immersive generative viewing experience, and with the artists’ group MIX which was invited to present our interactive performance CONTAINED at the 2006 DHRA at Dartington College of Arts in the U.K. My Unseen Press regularly produces limited edition artists’ books, which are in collections internationally including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the Kunst Bibliothek in Berlin, Germany. Currently I am Assistant Professor of Digital Art & Design at Seattle University in Seattle, WA, USA.