Alex Ewin
Since 2008
Works in Smyrna United States of America

I started out college with the mind of an engineer, something I still think influences the pieces I create today.

The works so far I have made I guess what would be considered "New Media."

My areas of concentration as of now are Visual Communication, with an emphasis on Graphic Design. In addition, I have interests in Film and Digital Photography.

I have also experimented with more "traditional art forms such as: sculpture, ceramics, drawing, and programming.

However, I find video and sound the most intriguing.

Artist Resume:

Exhibition - 42nd Annual Student Art League - “ Los Sesentas” Spring 2008 (Video)

Performance - AV Jam Oct. 2008 (Live Video)

Recording - Bimonthly Terminal Sound Art Web Cast - November 26, 2008 (Audio)

Exhibition - BFA Senior Art Exhibit December 2008 (Video)

Performance - BFA Senior Art Exhibit December 2008 (Live Video)

Exhibition - First Annual ARTHOUSE Juried Film & Video Festival - "Advanced Anatomy (Human Kinetics)" March 27, 2009 (Video)

Exhibition - The First Terminal Short Video Festival - "Adversus" April 16, 2009 (Video)