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Means of Production: Fabbing and Digital Art

I think the c.stem 2008 offered a glance on the potential of fabbing (fabbing seems to be the buzzing umbrella term for all the additive and subtractive production methods these days...) for media art as well as industrial/commercial application. It's a pitty that lots of "mainstream media" (with mainstream I do not (yet) refer to mainstream mainstream but the big blogs and trendsetting magazines...) praising the wonders of 3d printing & Co TECHNOLOGY (actually they only praise 3d printing...). But to be true: Haven't been the technologies as such (3d printing, cnc,...) already been around for "some" years? ok, we have seen giant drops in prices and a gigantic increases of quality the last few years (thanks to projects like fab@home, Fab Labs, RepRap...).

The real hot and breathtaking thing will be the application of all these technologies (as coined as a key question at the beginning of these article).

My Media and Communications background always let's me compare fabbing with the invention of Gutenberg's printing machine... It won't take a long time and the hype about the technology (which is indeed a wunderful enabler for great ideas to become reality) will cool dawn. When I am thinking of Gutenberg and the erruption following the invention of his machine which changed the whole world by democratizing (step by step), I am really looking forward to know who will be the Goethe, Shakespeare or Tolkien of fabbing...