Andres Manniste
Since 2003
Works in Montreal Canada

Andres Manniste has participated in many solo and group exhibitions over his career and has been the recipient of several important prizes including grants from the Canada Council for the Arts and the Quebec Ministry of Culture. His work can be found in public collections including the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art, the Heritage Collection of the Quebec Archives, the Government of Ontario Art Collection and the Canada Council Art Bank. Andres works and teaches in Montreal.

Andres Manniste a participé à maintes occasions aux expositions de solo et de group. Ses oeuvres ont été acquises par le Musée d'art contemporain de Montreal, la Collection patrimoniale de la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec, la Collection patrimoniale de l'Ontario ainsi que par la banque des oeuvres du Conseil des Arts du Canada. Andres est un professeur d'arts plastiques à Montréal.

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This is a perfect example of why Artbase deserves support.

Google has banned Petra Cortright's video "VVebcam" because of her search terms. Her important art piece expresses the ridiculousness of search terms and in the infinite wisdom of Google, is banned for its use of such terms!

VVebcam, a Rhizome Artbase selection, has been written about, discussed and published throughout the world. Furthermore, Google has removed an art work that is taught regularly in art schools. Petra Cortright has a solid reputation as an artist and Artbase assures access to her work.

Andres Manniste


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can real Stephen read?



Re: Canada Council Club ref no 3215-06-0101 (fwd)

I came across your thread. I have noticed that here, in Quebec, there are millions of dollars available through official channels (Hexagram, SAT) for the new media. Now that kind of funding is generally not distributed without an expectation of some return...I surmise, a practical application for business interests. These millions of dollars have coloured the attitude of government funding agencies. I don't really think that they have a clue of what internet art is. They prefer to deal with people they understand. I also had the unfortunate experience of being refused without adjudication a couple of years ago (The jury seemed to be unaware of a thing as simple as a site counter and assumed that one might not notice that the work was not looked at). I wouldn't hold my breath and expect the situation to change.



Re: Fwd: [biodev0506] announcing activista (radical search engine)

ryan griffis wrote:

Activista? Because recipes are yummy!

One would think that an alternative search engine would come up with an alternative name. The reference to Altavista is a bit of an acceptance that your definition of alternate occurs within the shadow of a determining model, which in your case seems to be loosely based on the North American one. (My jeans are torn to demonstrate to you that they are not like your jeans)

The tangent into "yummy recipes" is strange. At the least it really focuses on an occidental middle class bias and as such brings into question the entire "alternate" premise. How does one describe the eating habits of two thirds of the world as alternate? It only makes sense within a really minor cultural bubble.