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[Donnachie-Simionato's work] is a visual investigation of the non-metric, somewhere between Picasso, digital-prank and Gestalt. Supported by the asynchronous sounds of Sinistri, Donnachie-Simionato modulate an elegant visual flux which also interferes with our comprehension. Perhaps by reordering the principles behind the organization of images and sound we effect our thought processes?

Karen ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato, Ausralian artists currently residing in Milan, Italy are most noted in the digital arts panorama for their development, since 2002, of a curious and articulated internet project called This is (not) a magazine, considered "a phenomenon in publishing" (The Journal of Made-images, London UK, 2006) They are invited to talk in art and design contexts, in universities and art academies, from the ARCO fair in Madrid to the London College of Communication, they curate events and develop both on and off line editorial projects (their motto "make art for Magazines, don't make art for galleries") The atelier of Donnachie-Simionato develops new approaches to multidisciplinary expression."

From Netmage 2007 catalogue, Italy
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no one is telling them they shouldn’t make art about triathlons or drum-and-bass"
- So am i to assume that in NY someone IS telling you that you cannot?


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The fact is that without Nikola's reactions to the article, I would have probably for the most part dismissed Brian's article as superficial and sophomoric journalism (no offence Brian, I don't know and I'm not referring to your other work I'm simply stating the kind of emotional "hit" your article gave me off the bat, so to speak)

The issues that seem to be emerging here are at the intersection of private and public. Nikola seems to be stating that his identity as an artist is somehow compromised by some of Brian's comments, and I see his point; for example the term "tosses off" is clearly negative in this context (i see no relevance in the speed or apparent effort of his artistic production) and in particular implying that his artwork is done in his spare time when he is not being a "designer" or "triathlete". This is unnecessarily reductive for an artist as complex and unique as NT. It would be like referring to Andy Warhol as a window-dresser. It rings more of key-hole journalism than serious critical thought, and I can see where Nikola takes issue, albeit in a futile torrent of comments.

It would be interesting to hear Brian's responses.

Again, thankyou for reading.


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...just measure it in inches" AW


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Dear Brian, If Nikola wishes to be removed from your article you could strike through all the references to his name and artworks without changing the orginal text. On a personal note I find it amusing that no-one has noticed the obviously contradictory behaviour of contemporaneously requesting to be removed from a post yet keeping an absurd and long thread of public comments going. But that's why I too find Nikola the best poet ever. Thankyou Nikola.


This is a magazine - Episode 25

Sat Sep 20, 2008 00:00 - Fri Sep 19, 2008


Please read

This is a magazine
Episode 25: Activities in time and space


Intra-dimensional episode with:

Center for Tactical Magic
Damon Zucconi
Francesco Spampinato
Grant Willing
Harm van den Dorpel
Nikola Tosic
Oliver Laric
Shane Hope
Yoshi Sodeoka

With site-specific performative installations
Happening 20 September 2008 8pm

8.00pm Francesco Spampinato x Sbudellatron “Unbounded”
8.30pm My Cat is an Alien “Beyond yr shadow - I am / I am not (here?)”

Careof DOCVA
Fabbrica del Vapore
via Procaccini 4, 20154 Milano
+39 02 3315800

The episode continues
from 19 September - 11 October 2008
Tuesday to Saturday 3.00 - 7.00pm

Photo Grant Willing

Thankyou for reading