Anthony Carriere
Since 2007

Much of Anthony Carriere's childhood was spent along the Calcasieu River in southwest Louisiana where Cajun French language and culture formed his image of the world. While studying sculpture at LSU (he would ultimately receive an MFA from Tulane), he began to explore performance art, conceptual art, process art, and relational art. By process art Carriere contends that the means justify the end product. Carriere is prolific, his output diary-like. He is in a perpetual dialogue with Self, and his work is the persistent evaluation of the monastic lifestyle of a working artist. A true multimedia artist, Carriere works in sculpture, photography, and painting, his most potent efforts often commingling.

Carriere's approach of combining process with imagery solidifies his intent to enhance daily routine into a conceptual act of thoughtful suggestion, lifestyle, and personal philosophy. Art for Carriere is an event set in motion which the artist watches unfold. The final product contains the full extent of the meaning. Yet as Carriere's system incorporates the complete immersion of his life towards transformative fulfillment and his product, the reflection of an ongoing development, so does it require the observation and reaction of an audience, a personal viewer, to serve as an integral component to the consummate process."
-Adam Falik

Carriere divides his time between New Orleans & New York.