Antoinette LaFarge
Since 2008
Works in United States of America

Antoinette LaFarge is an artist-writer with a particular interest in constructed realities, including computer-mediated performance, net-based improvisation, online role-playing games, avatar performance, playable media, nonlinear narrative, and fictive art (a term of her own devising). She has been a pioneer of net-linked performance, beginning with the 1993 founding of the Plaintext Players, an Internet performance troupe that has appeared at numerous international venues, including the 1997 Venice Biennale and documenta X. From pure net-based improvisation she has gone on to create numerous mixed-reality performance works with director Robert Allen, including "Demotic" (2004/2006), "The Roman Forum Project" (2003), "Virtual Live" (2002), "The Roman Forum" (2000), and "Still Lies Quiet Truth" (1996). Her interest in role-playing games led her to co-curate two early, groundbreaking exhibitions on computer games and art: "ALT+CTRL: A Festival of Independent and Alternative Games" (2003) and "SHIFT-CTRL: Computers, Games, and Art" (2000) at UCI's Beall Center for Art and Technology. She is also the founder and director of the Museum of Forgery, a virtual web-based institution dedicated to opening up the cultural dialogue around forgery and related practices such as appropriation. A full portfolio can be found at her domain: