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Arcángel Constantini. Mexico. produces work of a marked ludic-experimental nature, strongly influenced by the fortuitous, chaotic processes of the city as reflected in the systematic use of error aesthetics. His work and artistic practice explore the dynamics of visual and sound works, low-tech installations, propaganda action, visual/sound performance, hardware hacking , installation , sound art an Independent curator , has been developing the program of Cyberlounge, Museo Rufino Tamayo since 2001 ,was part of curatorial team for Transitio Mx , and is part of dorkbot mexico df council
holder of awards, among them the Prize for Best Multimedia Work at Vidarte, Video and Electronic Arts Festival, CENART (Mexico City, 1999); and the Bronze Prize for his project 123456789px.htm, MCMOGATK, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo and Art on the Net, 1999. he is part of Sistema Nacional de Creadores Fonca grant and in 2002 received the Rockefeller / Macarthur grant for new media production , director of ¼ an independent electronic art exhibition space , he has participated with his work in exhibitions , festivals in countries as Japan ,Peru , Germany, Holland, Italy , Canada , United Kingdom ,France ,Uruguay , Brazil , Australia, Spain ,Korea , Puerto Rico , etc


+( unos - adjetivo (indefinido) some)
+ ( unos - plural of one )
+ ( y - & )
+ ( unos + adjetivo(indefinido)some)
+ ( ceros - plural of Zero )


E = M / t-e / / /

existencia es igual al movimiento entre tiempo y espacio


/ / / > 0110011010011 > ? >
zero wish to be one >

1+ 0 = 3 _



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artef@actos virtuales brian mackern en inmerso cyberlounge museo tamayo

Wed Feb 06, 2008 00:00 - Tue Feb 05, 2008


inmerso [foro.lounge]

El Museo Tamayo
Arte Contemporáneo invita
al performance inaugural de

Brian Mackern

miércoles 6 de febrero de 2008
a las 20:00 horas en el cyberlounge
entrada libre | cupo limitado
6 de febrero al11 de mayo de 2008

Brian Mackern


6 de febrero al 11 de mayo de 2008

This exhibition is a retrospective of the work by Uruguayan artist Brian
Mackern (Montevideo, 1962), who since 1996
has been exploring and experimenting creatively with digital contexts
and the Internet. His proposal represents a
productive resistance within the field of new media; and while it is
somewhat isolated in the Latin-American scene,
it can be associated with the creations of his European contemporaries,
those who worked as a team inside a
theoretical framework built along a production process.

Set Variable = Random (ART)

His work focuses mainly on structures in process. The artist, whose work
is known worldwide, explores the
design of interfaces, alternative navigation, random concatenation of
events, the creation of soundtoys
(objects / generative audio-visual interfaces / reactive interfaces /
interactive interfaces) and real-time video-data
animations as well as Net art and sound art creations.

This retrospective includes sound-art creations as well as reactive and
interactive pieces in audio, Net and CD-ROM formats.

Among these works is the celebrated website _http://34s56w.org_, where,
through an emotional mapping,
the artist displays the topography, urban layout and intertwined
activities that are then recomposed in a
chaotic, romantic and noisy experience structured in a series of
interactive features associated with the
“glocation”^2 of Montevideo (latitude 34s longitude 56w).

/Soundtoys/, presented in CD-ROM format, includes, among many other Net
art works, the 1999 project titled /
Overflow/ and developed together with @mp; /Chamanic Interferences/,
based on the work of renowned
Latin-American experimental musicians; ((( ·^ LIVING STEREO · ))), a
project developed from the poetics of the
remix theory and the expanded/playable cinema, a reinterpretation of
moods synthesized in fragmented and
emotional atmospheres; and /XTCS/, sound art based on the static
generated by a storm in Santa Rosa, Uruguay.

*inmerso [foro.lounge]* es un espacio dedicado a la presentación de
actos en vivo de net art e interactividad autoral, en un ambiente lounge
y una atmósfera informal que propicia la sumersión en la obra.

*inmerso [foro.lounge] * is a space designed for live performances of
net art and interactive authorship, where the ambiance of a lounge and a
casual atmosphere encourage immersion in the artwork.


inmerso cyberlounge performance inaugural Entropy8zuper!


inmerso [ foro lounge ]

El Cyberlounge del Museo Tamayo arte Contemporaneo
invita al performance inaugural de

e8z! Entropy8zuper!

miercoles 8 de agosto 2007
20:00 Horas
cd Mexico

Entropy8zuper! es un duo de artistas que, en complejos ambientes
virtuales, crean emociones a traves de sofisticadas imagenes, sonidos
evocativos y narrativas teologicas “ miticas “ en la red. Aureia Harvey
y Michael Samyn se unieron en 1999 en un intenso amor generado a traves
de su pasion por el medio electronico. En Nueva York, Harvey era
Entropy8 y en Belgica, Samyn era conocido como Zuper!. Con sus
creaciones de diseno web a traves de la pagina descubrieron el mundo que los
interconectaba. Su historia sucedio en el servidor de, una
fantasia pasional en linea que se extendio hacia la realidad.

if ( 1 + 1 == 1 ) { e8z = true; }

Su propuesta busca que el usuario experimente emotividad en la
interaccion con los disenos web de Entropy8Zuper!. Para los artistas,
cuando las cosas empiezan a significar algo, cuando en los usuarios se
desarrolla un sentimiento, es cuando el trabajo de los artistas tambien
ha iniciado.

Actualmente, sus obras son clasicas del web-art, ejemplo de la
intensidad de las relaciones en Dhtml. /Genesis/,/ /su primera obra como
pareja esta integrada en

/godlove museum/ . /wirefire/ o /skinonskinonskin/, han estado presentes
porlargo tiempo en la irrealidad de la red. Recientemente, Harvey y Samyn han incursionado en el desarrollo de videojuegos y ambientes
experimentales a traves de su pagina Especificamente,
el proyecto /Endles Forest/ es un espacio multi-participativo, en el que
un venado interactua con otros usuarios venados mediante el lenguaje
corporal; gracias a la red, quien participa en este videojuego habita
temporalmente en un bosque repleto de sonidos atmosfericos, en donde con
suerte se encontrara a las deidades creadoras de una mitologia, cuya
mision es dar ilusion a este mundo a partir de Abiogenesis.


Entropy8zuper! is a duo of artists who generate emotions through
sophisticated images, evocative sounds and mythic narratives set in
complex virtual environments on the web. Aureia Harvey and Michael Samyn
bonded in 1999 thanks to an intense love born out of their passion for
the medium. In New York, Harvey was Entropy8, while in Belgium Samyn was
known as Zuper! With their web design creations uploaded on their page
www.entropy8zuper they discovered the
world that bound them together. Their story unfolded on a server,, a passionate online personal fantasy that would take reality

if ( 1 + 1 == 1 ) { e8z = true; }

Their goal is that users experiment emotions through their interaction
with the web designs of Entropy8Zuper! For these artists it is only when
things start taking on meaning and feelings begin to arise in the user
that their work commences.

Today their works are web-art classics, and an example of the intensity
reached by relationships established in Dhtml. /Genesis/, their piece
crafted as a couple, consisting of /godlove museum/, /wirefire/ or
/skinonskinonskin/. The artwork has been present on line for a long time.

Recently Harvey and Samyn have taken up the creation of video games and
experimental environments within their page In
particular their project /Endless// Forest/ is a multiplayer space where
a deer interacts with other deer-players through body language. Thanks
to the web, the participants in this videogame will temporarily inhabit
a forest filled with atmospheric sounds, where, luckily, they will come
across the deities behind a mythology whose mission is keeping illusion
alive in the world, through Abiogenesis, an origin of life that is
produced in their videogames.



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