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Arcángel Constantini. Mexico. produces work of a marked ludic-experimental nature, strongly influenced by the fortuitous, chaotic processes of the city as reflected in the systematic use of error aesthetics. His work and artistic practice explore the dynamics of visual and sound works, low-tech installations, propaganda action, visual/sound performance, hardware hacking , installation , sound art an Independent curator , has been developing the program of Cyberlounge, Museo Rufino Tamayo since 2001 ,was part of curatorial team for Transitio Mx , and is part of dorkbot mexico df council
holder of awards, among them the Prize for Best Multimedia Work at Vidarte, Video and Electronic Arts Festival, CENART (Mexico City, 1999); and the Bronze Prize for his project 123456789px.htm, MCMOGATK, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Tokyo and Art on the Net, 1999. he is part of Sistema Nacional de Creadores Fonca grant and in 2002 received the Rockefeller / Macarthur grant for new media production , director of ¼ an independent electronic art exhibition space , he has participated with his work in exhibitions , festivals in countries as Japan ,Peru , Germany, Holland, Italy , Canada , United Kingdom ,France ,Uruguay , Brazil , Australia, Spain ,Korea , Puerto Rico , etc


+( unos - adjetivo (indefinido) some)
+ ( unos - plural of one )
+ ( y - & )
+ ( unos + adjetivo(indefinido)some)
+ ( ceros - plural of Zero )


E = M / t-e / / /

existencia es igual al movimiento entre tiempo y espacio


/ / / > 0110011010011 > ? >
zero wish to be one >

1+ 0 = 3 _



salu :D,

curador gestor >

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El Cyberlounge del Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo invita al performance
inaugural de

*Elout de Kok
con Karras en vivo
Miercoles 14 de marzo de 2007 a las 20:00 horas

Entrada libre I cupo limitado

Pixel lab


cierre de convocatoria

Transitio_mx. Festival Internacional de Artes Electronicas y Video desea recordarte que el dia
30 de septiembre cierra la convocatoria al Primer Concurso que este festival organiza e invitarte
a visitar su nuevo sitio de Internet donde encontraras
la solicitud de registro ademas de informacion relativa al festival y al concurso.

Transitio_mx. 2005, International Video and Electronic Arts Festival (Mexico), wishes to remind you that the deadline for the First Video and Electronic Arts Contest is on September 30. We also would like to invite you
to visit the festival's new website where you'll find the registration form, and general information about Transitio_MX 2005.


n i c e n o i c e

pornocerounonet 001

n i c e n o i c e
random sequenced micropixeel & microsound wet data >




iZz Deri_Ved Fr<oM iZz Deri_Ved Fr<oM_ A GenErA_tivE
E_xpeR_imenTal P_roCe..Ss oF A K_odE So ZimPl_E (aZ) a >dot< aN_d >a< Li_nE Kon_fiGurEd (in) a Ztr_ok_e Tha_t Flow_s To>wardZ aN "entity"
No_t BasE_d >upOn >a< Pre>conce¨>ivE·D =I·d·e·a. A> P_ro·Ces·s , Under ConstRuK_T_io/n , ofF Konc_epT//ual LuD:ic Krea_ti·on Tha_t Deri>ves Fr_om >a< Sym>bi·os·is ofF Bei_ngs Gro_uped in an Org=an_ized Be>ing (((me))), T·ha>T /E_x>_PreSs The_mZelVe_s o_utWar>dlY F_lo/wing F_"rOOm The Onn>iric U:_nConZciouZ Zta/te /to a KonKr/ete >one< Zo aZ t_o Re-pre>Zent Them>selVe//s >in< T:_hE DiGit/al Z-p_A·acE anD I_nfeK_t Thro>ugH_ in!Te_rAKt/ion In_diVi:dua>lZ .or. Ne-T_ize_nZ OF_ To thE O_rG_an.i.Z_eD B_ei_nG in Koll_ectiV:e SymcB_io_sis The N_et.> ZurG_e: >D< uN PrO_C_ZO0o ExPe_riMen>tal
(a)PaR_tir >D< U_n KoD_igOo Tan // Zimple K.omo.
L/o EZs >un P_unto > y < un_a L>inea. Ke se Kon_fi>gura En
Untra_zo Ke flu_ye En >una< “EnTi_daD” Zin Par_tir De /
U_nA i>dea PreK>onCebi>da.
Un Pro>c<eZo /eN/ Kons_TruKci_0n d_e Kreaci_on LudiKo
Kon_ce>p(tu)aL> Ke D>rivA D Un_a Zim_bio_sis De EntEZ
Ag_rU//pados))= en = u·n s·E·r Org>A_N"iza"Do ((( YO )))
Ke (c) ext>E_riorizA_N Flu_yenDo D_eL (i)n:KonZci>ente
ONiriK/o .a. U.N Me/dio KonK>re>to Pa-ra Re/preZen>tar(c)
En El Es-PaCi-o DiX>ita_l E in_fE>ktaR (X) -Me/dio-
>d>La In_ter/AccIoN > a < in/di=BI¡DuoZ o ,Ne>ti<zen’s
Del eEN_te Or//Gani_za//do en Zimb_i-oZiZ KoL>ect'iva
“>>la red<< “

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Zoo_MA>Ti:Ko ..TE.TAkaToka_:EL>Tiko

NU_EvA> bakteria Liiii:_VEr_>ADA KultiVO 05

NEW:BAkteria RELEAseddddddddddDDDD KultiVO 05


Zoo_MA>Ti:Ko ( x ) MAn_Ri>Ko MoN_TE>RoO


PRoTEk > Your SpiiiiiiiiiiiRiiiiiiiiit , Your Mind > Your earsssssS<

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