Armelle Aulestia
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Works in Paris France

Armelle Aulestia is an artist living in Paris (F) and Geneva (CH). She works with video, sound, lights, and on the internet. Visit her website or contact her.

The works conceived specifically for the Internet are based on word play, auditory perception, nonsense, and rhythm.

A night-time journey on a highway reminiscent of a psychedelic hallucination (Circle Dream) ; a carousel hanging in a Sleeping Beauty ambiance (Baby Skooter) ; a construction site where a disturbing character works himself to death in a Dante-inspired din (Cleaning the First Circle of Hell) : here are a few of the moments offered to us in Armelle Aulestia’s videos, samples taken from the world as it is and then worked to give them that fragile autonomy, ambiguity, inherent in every fragment, in every detached piece. Each video work is a wager, an attempt at a specific form that is deduced without presuppositions from the recording of a situation whose immanent logic the artist both elaborates and discovers. Hence a kind of “fiction effect” due to the editing (sometimes extremely slight, but always effective), the handling of colour and the musical nature of the soundtrack. But there is no explanatory narrative element. This is definitely not a matter of telling stories, or of providing information on any given subject. The reserved, withdrawing nature of Aulestia’s work connects it with a tendency that one could describe as minimalist, in the most open sense of that word. It is far from any literary or documentary aim, just as it is from the narcissistic exploration. The work is a specific object whose object is perception but without excluding delectation.

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Sat Apr 16, 2005 00:00 - Wed Mar 30, 2005



16 AVRIL - 21 MAI 2005
vernissage le 16 AVRIL 2005 de 16h a 21h.
galerie Itinerrance 7 bis rue R. Goscinny 75013 Paris France

For her first solo show in a gallery, Armelle Aulestia presents 8 video works.
The work is organized in series and variations, in which color, constructed time, the appearance and disappearance of images, and the play of vision and sound can be described as projection surfaces where visual fascination blends with an absence of narrative.
The images and sounds are realized by alteration or deformation (slowing-down, focus, colorization, expansion...) in order to attain a state of unreality and to evoke indeterminate space and time: experience of absortion, or engulfing of the spectator, which tends to provoke a hypnotic effect.

Pour sa premiere exposition personnelle en galerie, Armelle Aulestia presente 8 oeuvres video.
Il s’agit d’un travail organise le plus souvent par series ou variations et dans lequel la couleur, la construction temporelle, les apparitions et les disparitions d’images, les jeux visuels et sonores valent comme autant de surfaces de projection ou se melent fascination visuelle et absence de recit.
Les images et les sons sont elabores par alteration ou deformation (ralentissement, flou, coloration, extension...) afin d'atteindre un certain etat de derealisation et de susciter un espace et un temps indetermines : experience d'absorption, d'englobement du spectateur, qui tend a provoquer une sensation d'ordre hypnotique.


Soiree Multimedia / Batofar / Paris

Thu Mar 25, 2004 00:00 - Sat Mar 20, 2004 propose une soiree multimedia au Batofar a Paris,
jeudi 25 mars a partir de 20h.

Haute fidelite
Dans le cadre des rendez-vous multimedia du Batofar, l'equipe du magazine s'est assigne une mission : prouver, par monts et par vaux, que l'artiste reste le meilleur ami de l'homme. Provo ? Certes. Haute fidelite, maniere d'illustrer de facon detonante et festive le deplacement de sens permanent qu'operent les artistes : detournement des codes sociaux et artistiques, reinvestissement des medias.

+ + + Programme + + +

Armelle Aulestia / net art

Montfaucon Research Center / video

Pascal Lievre / video

Yoyo foretnic / electro


De 20h a 22h (venez tot !), tarif unique : 5 E.
Le Batofar. 11 quai Francois Mauriac. Paris 75013. Tel. 01 56 29 10 33.
Le site de Batofar :



launching Cache-cache / Cache-cache est en ligne

Fri Feb 27, 2004 00:00 - Thu Feb 26, 2004

Title: Cache-cache
Author: Armelle Aulestia
Format: Shockwave Flash Movie

1,6 Mo
Cache-cache (Hide and Seek) is a piece using invisible, interactives zones that follow a
back and forth process, which involves starting, stopping and juxtaposing sounds.
There is two systems with parallel variations: one visual, programmed and independant of the user,
the other aural and interactive.
Turn up the sound volume of your computer.
Loading takes about 30 seconds on fastest speeds.

Titre: Cache-cache
Auteur: Armelle Aulestia
Format: Shockwave Flash Movie

1,6 Mo
Cache-cache est une piece pour internet, dans lequel les zones interactives sont invisibles et
fonctionnent suivant un procede de va-et-vient en declenchant, en juxtaposant, ou en coupant le son.
Deux systemes de variations parralleles sont en jeu.
L'un visuel, pre-programme et independant du spectateur, l'autre est sonore et interactif.
Augmentez le volume du son de votre ordinateur ou branchez la sortie son sur haut-parleurs.
Prechargement d'environ 3O secondes en haut debit.

Armelle Aulestia