Pérennès Arnaud
Since 2005
Works in Rennes France

Arnaud Pérennès, musician and visual artist, uses a variety of media
ranging from video to live multimedia performance.
Since 1996, he has been working on the concept of 'out-takes' or failures of reason,
opening the way to another dimension
in which thought is always structured around a kind of immanent, unreachable 'otherness'.
His work is expressed through drawing, which he sees as a symbol of
"the hand which we use to draw and guide machines; and which, by its actions, always commits the
whole of the rest of our body". As a multimedia author, Arnaud Pérennès also takes part in
various contemporary dance projects. These
partnerships include the multimedia presentation "No man no chicken" with the
Kassen K dance company in 2002 and "Solo for Katja", a choreography designed for
Katja Fleig by Osman Khelili in 2005.

• "Local Heros", Art et Essai gallery, Rennes 2 University (Installation)
• L’Engage gallery, Rennes, "search", 1999
• Jean-François Meyer gallery, Marseille, 1999
• L'Engage gallery, Rennes, 1999
• Le dessin autrement ('drawing differently') May 2000
• Electro-happening electronic art station, March 2001 (audio-video mix)
Awa, live, 25 min
• Paroles d’internautes ('web-surfers' words'), Art-Rock festival, May 2002. (Multimedia installation)
Arnaud Pérennès / ft r et d.

• 'No man no chicken' (contemporary dance). Kassen k / Osman
Khelili Company
Project sponsored by DICREAM (multimedia arts grant fund) and Brittany Regional Cultural Ministry.
(Multimedia authoring and design)
Multimedia creation at "Le Cube", Issy-les-Moulineaux, September & October 2002
piece at the Théâtre de la Coupe d’Or, Rochefort, February 2003
festival braises, Le Triangle arts center, Rennes, June 2003
C C R N B Arts Center, Catherine Divérres, Rennes, January 2004
• Solo for Katja (contemporary dance),
Choreography designed for Katja Fleig by Osman Khelili
(Multimedia authoring and design)
Developed in June 2005 and performed on 22 September 2005 at Le Triangle arts center, Rennes.
SCESC theater, 23 August 2006, Florianopolis, Brazil
Dança em Pauta festival, 2 - 3 September 2006, San Paulo
National Theater, Lorient, 19 January 2007
• Countries
Le Cube, Issy-Les Moulineaux, 30 June 2006
Bellegarde Arts Center, Toulouse, 2 September 2006
arts grants
• personal arts grant,
(City of Rennes Cultural Affairs), 2006
• materials grant, Culture Ministry (DRAC Bretagne), 2001
• Personal arts grant, Culture Ministry (DRAC
Bretagne), 1998
• Personal arts grant, (City of Rennes Cultural Affairs),
artistic residencies
• six-month studio residency awarded by Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region,
Marseille, March-October 1999
• Le Cube, Issy-les-Moulineaux, May 2004
• 'Search', l’Engage gallery, issue no. 3 - artist's book
• 'Local heros', exhibition catalog
• "Le dessin autrement" ('drawing differently'), exhibition catalog
• La Griffe: 'Studio visit' 1996
• Les Inrockuptibles: "Local heros", 6-12 March 1996
• Magic!: "awa live-mix", May 2001
• Ouest-France: "Le dessin autrement", April 2000
"paroles d’internautes", art Rock 2002
academic record
2001 Masters in Multimedia (plastic and digital media), Rennes
School of Fine Arts
(awarded with distinction, March 2002)
1995 DNSEP (Higher National Diploma of Visual Arts), Rennes
School of Fine Arts (art department)

2001/2002 France Telecom Research & Development (9 months)
Creative studio - original musical composition and
multimedia interfaces using Macromedia
Flash on the theme of contemporary Internet mythology and
communications devices.
Close partnerships with several types of researchers (engineers
and developers, interface experts and sociologists,