Bill Psarras
Since 2009
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Bill Psarras is an artist and musician, born in Greece and currently working in London. With BA and MA studies in AudioVisual and Digital Arts (Ionian University, Greece and University of the Arts London, UK), he is a PhD candidate in Arts/Computational Technology of Goldsmiths University of London, conducting practice-based research on the exploration of emotional geographies of the city through walking as art and embodied media practices. He is working on different media forms mostly based on walking as art, audiovisual installations, video art, film, soundscapes and music. His works are mainly inspired by the emotional experience of the city, the in-between spaces and the concepts of flaneur, psychogeography, surrealism and romanticism. His works has been exhibited in various international festivals (Europe, US and Australia), in group exhibitions in galleries (UK, Greece) as well as in the Royal Academy of Arts 2010 Summer Exhibition. Goethe Institut has also selected his work for the database of Greek artists in the media art project ‘Art Up’. His talks and publications have been presented in international conferences and symposia including ISEA 19th, Emotional Geographies, Hybrid City, AES among others.