Since 2005

Curriculum Vitae (excerpt)


Born: Montreal, Canada, Living and working in Berlin since 1999
B.F.A. Cinema (production) Concordia University, Montreal 1993

workshops with: Marie Chouinard, Meredith Monk Company, Noh Master Umewaka, Ida Kellarova, Louise Yard....


- Ronny Terry Award for creative excellence, St.Georges School, Montreal
- Jeunes Createurs Grant (for FUNKELNAGELNEU show 'shoreside'), Ministere des loisirs chasse et peche, Quebec
- PAFPS grant to young filmmakers, National Film Board of Canada, Montreal
- ACREQ (association pour la creation radiophonique et electroacoustique du Quebec, commissioned work "Harking Out"
- Financial support from Quebec House London, U.K for participation in 'Hearing is Believing' Festival of Radio art, Liverpool, U.K.
- Financial support from Canadian Embassy Seoul for residency at Ssamzie Space Seoul, Korea
- Travel Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, to present L'AFRO Ca Circule, at the 6th Dak'Art Biennale, Dakar Senegal
- 3rd Prize, 'Beyond' category MEMEFEST Festival of Radical Communications, for L'AFRO Ca Circule, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Concept/installation Art:

2001: installation performance: PATTERn : “Kunst oder Konig“ Schloss Szenske, Brandenburg
2001: Pattern 2: “Pan Media“ Art in Progress, Berlin
2002: Pattern solo show, gallery loop, Seoul S.Korea
2002: video installation : Forgone : Villa Gottfried N’Gaparou, Senegal
2002: video/ media art installation: Common Currency - ILJU Art House, Seoul, S. Korea.
2002-3: Pattern at FACTORY Samcheongdong, Seoul, Korea
2003: Promising, Ssamzie Space Seoul, Korea (Culmination of a 5-month residency at Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea - supported by a grant from the Canadian Embassy, Seoul)
2003: Mooding: permanent installation (fiberoptics), City Hall of Gwangju, Korea
2004: Acrovista: permanent installation (terrazzo), Gyodae, Seoul, Korea
2004: Homage to Meret Oppenheim and the First Korean Surrealist Object (Hard and Soft Sculptures, sound, performance) Gallery Sup, Seoul, Korea
2004: Steps: permanent Installation (illuminated FRP, terrazzo), Gwangju Biennale Theme Park, Gwangju Korea
2005: Pinked Galicia: large-scale installation (120m2 printed cushion, 4 video projectors, sound), Prince Takamado Gallery, Canadian Embassy, Tokyo


2001: PATTERN in Computer Space, Computer art festival, Sofia Bulgaria
2001: Launch (a resonant space for news)
2002: Random Browser (software art)
2002: PAN Media (net art) at ArtInProgress, Berlin/
2002: and AFRO at the forum des arts electroniques/NetArt 5eme Biennale des Arts Africains Dak'Art + workshops, presentations
2003: at Memefest : International Festival of Radical Communication
2004: the AFRO at Memefest : International Festival of Radical Communication (A-Listed! 3rd in 'Beyond' category)

Film TV, video

1993: wrote, directed , edited, produced “Milk in Grandma’s Bed“ 15mins 16mm color sound, poetic symbolist narrative
1995: wrote, directed , edited, produced “Proposal for Dog Brain“ 72mins 16mm color sound, an elaborate entropy fiction with futuristic body-oriented narrative style, supported by the National Film Board of Canada PAFPS programme.
1999-2000 video collaboration with Jinran Kim “Yearning for Siesta“ collection of Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art
2001: collaboration with Jinran Kim: “End of the Lee Dynasty“ premiere at Art Cologne 2001
2002: before bed w/ jinran kim presented in the installation 'Exercise in Futility', various locations
2003: Creator, host, curator, organiser (with Shin Hyunjin) Video Culture Lounge presents IDL-TV 1 & 2, concept video projection evenings including curated video art selection, live video mixing and performance video... at Ssori Cafe, Ssamzie Space, Seoul, Korea
2003: Chae Gyung Tae, A portrait
2003: 50th Anniversary of DaeBorum 1953: presented at IDL-TV, on ARTV, Seoul and on Simspace, online artists' Community
2003: 50th Anniversary of Chusok 1953

Social Art:

1996: La relance de l’esprit createur : cross-cultural rapprochement the day after the referendum on independence : poetry, music and political machinations
1997: People Tan: large-scale social exchange forum with entertainers and pudits, fire-breathers, award-winning novelists, rock bands, politicians, accountants, academics and more.
2000-1: artspace Kimgottlieb: creative, curatorial activities in Berlin and cyberspace:
2001: Moabit Medien Center, Berlin
2002: Bienvenue L'Afro 5eme Biennale de Dakar Senegal (with Mansour Ciss) installation, performance, workshops
2004: L'Afro, Ca Circule! 6eme Biennale de Dakar Senegal (with Mansour Ciss) installation, performance, workshops
Supported by a travel grant from the Canada Council for the Arts

radio/sound art

1990-1997: The unmitigated tetanus hour: weekly radio program broadcast throughout Quebe and northwest US on CKUT-FM
1991: Radio Svetlna Vlna: a week of live programming on Radio 1, Prague as part of Festival Svetla
1994: Rumble - Bruits du Noir 1 - Studio 303, Montreal
1995: interactive polytemporal polyspacial work “Harking Out“ commissioned by ACREQ (Association de la Creation Radiophonique et Electronique du Quebec), broadcasted as part of Journees Electro Radio Days.
1996: The sequel: “Harkening Out“ commissioned by British Council and supported by Quebec House London
1996: “Chairo no Show“: 12 episodes with Hitomi Kamanaka and Sumire Kiyose, feature at the Center for Art Tapes, Halifax, Nova Scotia
1997: a week of live radio art on “Hearing is Believing“ Liverpool New Media Festival, workshops in Radio Art at University of Cumberland
1998: Coming to: fantasized reality live theatre for radio, with Bobby Theodore, "Flo", Marc Boucher


1985-present: composed music/sound tracks for dance and theater (Vitali Dance Company, Shigeru Araki, Marc Boucher, Maryse Poulin, playwright’s workshop Montreal), and many other creations, over 50 performances. Recordings with Starbean, the Snitches, Christoph Heemann, Funkelnagelneu, Guestar. Martin Talbot, among others.