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Prosthetic Knowledge Picks: The Polygon Glitch

I think it's pretty cool to see how one simple shape can produce all of this art. By watching the videos, I see that the Z Fighting technique is similar to how they created the characters from Shrek (I looked at "The Making of Shrek" on my DVD). I never would have guessed that they used the Glitch Aesthetic for Adventure Time. I thought the Adventure Time characters were just drawings and paintings and maybe a little bit of computer graphics. However it makes sense though since technology is advancing, so we have to advance as well.

Since I'm planning to become an animator for Disney, It's good that someone posted this. Learning about the polygon glitch and the other techniques will help me to get an inside look at 3D animation. I never would have guessed that the Sega Saturn had a tiny circuit in which there were glitches. I guess there's a lot more to video games than just playing them. Overall, this post is very interesting and I'm eager to learn more about computers so that I can fulfill my dream of becoming an animator. Again thanks for posting!