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Body Manipulations

Sat Jun 09, 2012 19:00 - Sat Jun 09, 2012

San Francisco, California
United States of America

Saturday, June 9, 2012
8pm - 11pm
$5 - $10 Suggested Donation

The sterile exhibition mode is null at this live performance event on the new-net-body. Seventeen artists, performers and musicians will collaborate on an evening of interactive and performative installations referencing the negative reflexivity of "being-online". This one night body-based exhibition takes on theatrics and mystery - now at a loss to the web - while the curator takes on the role of director, moderator and performer. Works will morph, appear, and disappear throughout the evening thus representing a mode of being and creating while on-line. The works will develop a loose narrative around the idea of physical movement within these limits of the internet.

What has the net done? A compression of the self into new genres of a convertible and alterable nature. But how to use this new power is a dilemma. We extend ourselves to experience as much as possible, but become so broad in our nature that no specifics exist anymore. Physical "clicking" is the new way of experiencing at our leisure without being completely immersed in the subject itself.

Remixed, chopped and screwed soundtracks by NWL (Peter Conheim of Negativland and Jon Leidecker von Wobbly) and Daniel Leyva (DIS Magazine) mingle the sounds from the net, streets and clubs into hard and heavy techno-net grindcore pop. Curator Caitlin Denny ( and Monique Goldwater will present a dance heavy play expressing the concern of the mego-ego in the post digital age. Sara Ludy's massive architectural digital landscapes will emerge and destroy themselves as Brandon Drew Holmes will intrude on your being with human 'pop ups' and technologically advanced mind tricks. Ann Hirsch, reality TV star, extends herself to you willingly in a game of seduction and intrigue while Bryan Morello slams, cuts and meshes the inflection of digital nativity and naiveté.

Come experience the movement of bodies and sounds through an interface of familiar net nostalgia and disoriented digital dance. The anxiety induced LAN party of 2012 is finally here.

Caitlin Denny

Stage Manager
Marcella Faustini

Works By
Matthew Endler + Bittany Berg
Ann Hirsch
Brandon Drew Holmes
NWL (Peter Conheim of Negativland and Jon Leidecker von Wobbly)
Daniel Leyva
Sara Ludy
Bryan Morello
Zach Shipko
Monique Goldwater + Caitlin Denny
Joel Dean
Jake Sollins


Questions of the Ages (Animal Charm) - Extreme Animals

saw them do this live the other night in sf - amaxxxxing!!!!!!!




the most interesting bit about, however, is the seamless transfer between public performance, private surfing and re-embodiment through digitalization. when i login i understand the site as a stage with an operation to be executed. when i begin my image surfing through the site, the chat log becomes a ghost that appears and vanishes within seconds as i desperately seek images of dancing hot dogs and rave .gifs - my goal is still performative, but my aspirations become quite self centered as i lose myself in the surf. this happens all while 'dumping' my images - is anyone else looking at my dumps? i miss many of the ghosted images that appear during my search and don't care too much to catch up on the log status. it's at this moment of realization, like when you finally see the image in the 'magic eye' and can't get rid of it, that i become hyper aware of my digital performance and my presence in the log. that's when the webcam dumping tool serves it's most fulfilling role!