Caitlin Marticorena
Since 2009
Works in United States of America

As an artist, I do what I do because I have a sincere interest in exploring my passions and what it is that I really value. This year my focus has been mainly on developing my personal narrative through a variety of mediums. My experiences have shaped me into the woman I am today and for that I have chosen to celebrate them. Art has given me the confidence and tools to express myself to strangers even in my most vulnerable states. My hope is that viewers can see part of themselves in my pieces and reflect back on their own previous experiences. I aspire to create art work that is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly conceptually stimulating.

I am interested in taking an active role in social justice education by using art as a means to express social issues. I am interested in drawing attention to women’s issues such as female equality, sexual violence and body image. I want my art to educate others because I believe that with knowledge comes power, and with power there is hope for change. It is possible to change one’s life by changing the way one thinks.