Since 2004
Works in Los Angeles, California United States of America

BIO Art with backbone; backbone with art.

Who are we: You are us. We are a collection of leaders without titles. If one of us goes away, the project continues.

Current Focus: Our current primary focus is maximum wage reform as outlined in the Capitallism Manifesto. The primary project related to this is our CAPitALLism Affiliation Program (CAP), which gathers organizations who are fed up with soulless commercial spaces.

Beginnings: Urged in part by a political climate that declares itself in a state of emergency, CAPitALLism knows that if we're not careful we're going to end up exactly where we're heading.

Launched Thanksgiving, 2003, based in Los Angeles, we invent self-organizing ways to increase human rights and decrease the problems related to power conquests. We are a not-for-profit group.

The Open Directory Project lists us under Politics: Socialism: Theory. Others see more resemblance to the original and now lost spirit of capitalism. Net artists find their curiosities piqued. We were never very comfortable with labels, always weirded out by Hofferian mass 'true believer' movements. CAPitALLism is like CAPitALLism; red is the color of red.

Together we discuss, engage, and incubate principals of reform into our lives until it becomes us and inspires those around without ever having to say a word. Just try and catch up. Mixing theory, art, economics, and activism; our ambitions are unstoppable.