Carl Diehl
Since 2006
Works in Portland, Oregon United States of America

Born in Syracuse New York (1978), Carl Diehl holds a BFA in Art Video from Syracuse University (2000) and a MFA in Digital Art from the University of Oregon (2007). From 2000 to 2003 he was an events programmer at Artists’ Television Access, a media arts space in San Francisco, where he continues to volunteer remotely as a layout and copy editor. Diehl’s video essays, installations, performances and publications have been exhibited nationally and internationally at events including: Transmediale in Berlin, the International Symposium of Electronic Art in Singapore and the &Now Festival of New Writing in San Diego.

In addition to his independent pursuits, Diehl regularly collaborates with Weird-Fiction, an interdisciplinary arts ensemble, co-founded by Diehl in 2009. Based in Portland, Oregon, Carl Diehl teaches courses in New Media Studies, Experimental Cinema and Time-Based Art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Northwest Film Center.
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In Metaphortean terms, 'crypto-zoetropicalism' or the study of hidden animation, affords a brief and speculative genealogy of Art GIFs. Like living fossils, persisting via isolation from the competition of life on the web, Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans or Kosuth's One and Three Chairs are examples of subtle Art GIFs hidden in plain sight. The movements of these entities are implicit not explicit. Their bastion of crypsis relies on an exploded view.

Unlike sequential art, an acknowledged ancestor of the moving image, these paleo-Art GIFs began to memetically drift by way of Cubism and Futurism, intermingling but also diverging from nascent cinematic apparatuses.

Collapsing contexts and 'GIFabilitating' such living fossils within the graphic interchange format provides a novel strain of Art GIF speciation. While biodiversity would be too hopeful and memetic contamination too much of a brag, such hybrids might function as a whimsical reminder of the sometimes curious and cosmic indifference of network culture. Exclusivity is not synonymous with heroism in battle. image


The GIF Economy

Fri Dec 18, 2009 00:00

The GIF Economy:

As 2009 expires, Weird Fiction exhumes a curious collection of GIF animation, curating items conjured up from a year's worth of trolling in the deep dark dungeons of the internets.

This alongside an emergent compendium of collateral texts, GIF speciation theories and other missives propagated by the (((WFT))) policy institute; who, in an effort to advance their own "ficto-quizzical" mythologies, will facilitate the hoarding of materials on a dedicated electronic storehouse (

At once an instantiation of the "gift economy" and a call to action within the economy of expression roused by the humble parameters of the Graphic Interchange Format. (in)Appropriated material, both solicited and scavenged, will be intermingled within this labyrinthine technocultural milieu.

Denizens of the World Wide Web are implored to reanimate dead media and revive retrograde knowledge structures; deploying anomalous information and thereby accelerating GIF speciation. The GIF is your passport to the immortal realms of mythology mash-ups and off-modern memes. Remember: overexposure to cine-molecular glitch scapes (GIF animations and their kin) may lead to as of yet unknown climes of panopticonscious surrender.

Today through December 18th--Send your GIFs to: On December 3rd live deployments will begin online at and onsite at Tractor gallery in Portland, Oregon (Earth)

The following memetic prompts and file name suggestions culled from existing Weird Fiction mythos, may be used to guide your visual strategies and GIF speciation efforts:

-Second-Wave Vampling
-Derelict Theory Objects
-Temporary Autonomous Clone
-Panopticonscientious Objector
-Majestic 12

Additional prompts will be transmitted to the fleshy minds of mammals by way of



Tue Jan 15, 2008 00:00

In February 2009, the United States will add Dead Air to the acres of accumulated Dead Media, pulling the plug on analog television broadcasts. Subsequent waves of e-waste are predicted as consumers junk their abruptly obsolete receivers in favor of HD-readied consoles. What else will go out with this trash? What residue, ghost-images or other artifacts will persist in the nooks and crannies of this technocultural turn-over?

Pre-empting the scheduled program of obsolescence, the Video Gentlemen (a Portland based intermedia art group) will host a series of audio-visual works, presentations, performances,workshops and panels that remix, retell, reimagine, rewire and/or reclaim electromagnetic modes of cultural production.

Selected submissions will be broadcast within the BYOTV network, a temporary installation to be exhibited at the New American Art Union, in Portland Oregon in March/April 2008.

Submissions of single-channel work and proposals for live presentations/performances to be transmitted within the gallery may include, but are not limited to, the following themes: Broadcast, Media Archeology, Surveillance, E-Waste, Obsolescence, TV Programming and Haunted Media.

More information, including entry form, are available at :