cathleen grado
Since 2005
Works in Ridgewood United States of America

Working in two dimensional media and non narrative film, Cathleen Grado collaborates in audio performances/installations with composers, dj's, and musicians. Her pieces involve multiples and layered “screenings” of film footage, light, and slide projection imagery. She often incorporates video feedback experiments in her visuals.

When not collaborating, she creates audio collages for her video/film pieces, utilizing antique or obscure records for live sampling and manipulation, original sound pieces, and field recordings. She enjoys using old, obscure, or hand made equipment so as to not be bound by the limitations of one technological medium.
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Ageotropic/Conflux Festival

Ageotropic @ Conflux Festival this week.
Thursday the 13th through Sunday the 16th
Walks:10AM - 4Pm daily
Broadcast:24 hours a day for the duration of the festival.

Said of parts that would be expected to grow as gravity pulls, but instead grow upward, such as the knee roots of cypress


"In a society of increasing control and formulated predictability, one may find inspiration in the beauty of irrationality in nature. Much of our surroundings still do not adhere to the rules and restrictions we set up for ourselves. The simplicity of spontaneous thought and imagination is still part of our humanity, but becoming less and less a part of our conscious selves. Harnessing personal associations, the sound and visuals of this interactive “labyrinth” will be more delightful and exploratory than deliberative. The hope is to slowly remind us of the elements outside our daily grind, of the things that are too easy to forget; illogical things, impractical things. The intention is to induce participants to become open to these quiet, hiding parts of their surroundings."


Re: Re: Re: I'M NAZI

This is so terribley droll, ridiculous, and utterly meaningless.
You are talking about nothing, and just being "shocking"
Very, very boring.

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