Ceci Moss
Since 2005
Works in Oakland, California United States of America

Ceci Moss is the Assistant Curator of Visual Arts at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and an Adjunct Professor at San Francisco Art Institute. She is responsible for coordinating several exhibitions (both solo and group shows) each year, special projects, public art commissions, and public programs for YBCA. Highlights include solo exhibitions by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Lucy Raven, Nate Boyce, Shana Moulton, and Brenna Murphy, a large scale public art installation by Kota Ezawa in YBCA’s sculpture court, and YBCA’s signature triennial Bay Area Now 7 co-curated with Betti-Sue Hertz. She also co-curated with Astria Suparak the exhibit Alien She that examines the lasting influence of the punk feminist movement Riot Grrrl on contemporary artists, and toured to five venues nationwide.

She has a MA and PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University, and a BA in History and Sociology from U.C. Berkeley. Her academic research addresses contemporary internet-based art practice and network culture. Her PhD dissertation "Expanded Internet Art and the Informational Milieu" examines the expansion of internet art beyond the screen in the 2000’s, especially towards sculpture and installation, as a product of what theorist Tiziana Terranova called an “informational milieu.” Combining art history and media theory through the analysis of case studies that range from internet art and social media in the 2000’s to Jean-François Lyotard’s groundbreaking new media exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 1985 Les Immatériaux, her dissertation asks how the widespread technological capture of information affects cultural production, specifically contemporary art, and the kind of critical response it necessitates.

Her writing has appeared in Rhizome, Art in America, ArtAsiaPacific, Artforum, The Wire, Performa Magazine, New Media & Society and various art catalogs. Prior to her position at YBCA, she was the Senior Editor of the art and technology non-profit arts organization Rhizome, Special Projects Coordinator for the New Museum/Rhizome and an Adjunct Instructor at New York University in the Department of Comparative Literature. From 2000-2014, she programmed a radio show dedicated to experimental music, Radio Heart, on the independent radio stations KALX, East Village Radio and Radio Valencia.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid
03.30 - 06.01.08
Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY.

Off The Grid will feature works that subvert and circumvent conventional infrastructures and are interested in alternatives to corporate and commercial applications and proprietary refinement of communication technologies. Installations will be on view inside the Neuberger Museum of Art and across the SUNY Purchase College campus and include works by Matt Bua; Brett Bloom; Benjamin Cohen, Dylan J. Gauthier, and Stephan Stanford; ecoarttech; eteam; Max Goldfarb; Tovey Halek and Madalyn Warren; Louis Hock; Nina Katchadourian; Kristin Lucas; Joe McKay; Trevor Paglen; Seth Weiner; and Bart Woodstrup.

Co-presented by the Neuberger Museum of Art and free103point9. Curated by Jacqueline Shilkoff (Neuberger Museum) and Galen Joseph-Hunter, Tianna Kennedy, Tom Roe (free103point9).


MATRIX II: LED Installation

JANUARY 17, 2008 THROUGH MAY 4, 2008

Erwin Redl: MATRIX II is the premiere showing of the artist's theatrical scale light-emitting diode (or LED) artwork since it was acquired by MCASD in 2007. This room-size work offers viewers a space that seems to recede in all directions, as if the walls were mirrored. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, the room is filled with grids of phosphor green LEDs, creating an immersive web of light.


Ruth Ron - WallFold

Ruth Ron is an architect and interactive media artist. She has done a number of interactive installations bridging telecommunications technologies and architecture, many of which are focused on dematerializing architectural structures such as transformative walls, walls that turn into windows, windows into views of remote spaces. She is currently a visiting Professor at the University of Florida, below is her recent WallFold piece, you can see many more of her projects here.

Ruth describes WallFold as a "Physical Sculpture" that tries to generate an ambiguous spatial condition. Smooth and flexible folds between inside and outside, open and close. The space thus becomes continuous and dynamic. The installation uses six pairs of servomotors connected by flexible bands to create a smooth surface. The motors alternate between two positions (0 degrees, 180 degrees), stretching the binary ON/ OFF positions into a continuous transition, a whole grayscale or gradient between 1 and 0."


sinks and fountains

from jeremy awon on Vimeo.

video of applet written in processing: jeremyawon.info/saf/

i turned highlights between colors off to capture this (because processing.video.MovieMaker seems to ignore alpha channels?): jeremyawon.info/saf/index.php?edgeThreshold=0

each pixel is walking through an array of colors, with constant acceleration after an initial speed given by a noise function on (x,y). areas where colors appear look like fountains to me, areas where they disappear like sinks.

Cast: jeremy awon


You Are Here- Center for Land Use Interpretation on Vimeo

from bree edwards on Vimeo.

This is the introduction to Matthew Coolidge's presentation "Points of Disinterest in the Gulf Coast Region", in which he contextualized the Center for Land Use Interpretation.

You Are Here was a conference that was held at the Aurora Picture Show in Houston,Texas on November 30 and December 1, 2007. The program was curated by Bree Edwards in collaboration with the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts at The University of Houston and featured leading contemporary artists and curators exploring the interplay between art and geography, activism and cultural studies.