Ceci Moss
Since 2005
Works in Oakland, California United States of America

Ceci Moss is the Assistant Curator of Visual Arts at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco and an Adjunct Professor at San Francisco Art Institute. She is responsible for coordinating several exhibitions (both solo and group shows) each year, special projects, public art commissions, and public programs for YBCA. Highlights include solo exhibitions by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon, Lucy Raven, Nate Boyce, Shana Moulton, and Brenna Murphy, a large scale public art installation by Kota Ezawa in YBCA’s sculpture court, and YBCA’s signature triennial Bay Area Now 7 co-curated with Betti-Sue Hertz. She also co-curated with Astria Suparak the exhibit Alien She that examines the lasting influence of the punk feminist movement Riot Grrrl on contemporary artists, and toured to five venues nationwide.

She has a MA and PhD in Comparative Literature from New York University, and a BA in History and Sociology from U.C. Berkeley. Her academic research addresses contemporary internet-based art practice and network culture. Her PhD dissertation "Expanded Internet Art and the Informational Milieu" examines the expansion of internet art beyond the screen in the 2000’s, especially towards sculpture and installation, as a product of what theorist Tiziana Terranova called an “informational milieu.” Combining art history and media theory through the analysis of case studies that range from internet art and social media in the 2000’s to Jean-François Lyotard’s groundbreaking new media exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in 1985 Les Immatériaux, her dissertation asks how the widespread technological capture of information affects cultural production, specifically contemporary art, and the kind of critical response it necessitates.

Her writing has appeared in Rhizome, Art in America, ArtAsiaPacific, Artforum, The Wire, Performa Magazine, New Media & Society and various art catalogs. Prior to her position at YBCA, she was the Senior Editor of the art and technology non-profit arts organization Rhizome, Special Projects Coordinator for the New Museum/Rhizome and an Adjunct Instructor at New York University in the Department of Comparative Literature. From 2000-2014, she programmed a radio show dedicated to experimental music, Radio Heart, on the independent radio stations KALX, East Village Radio and Radio Valencia.

X-COM by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier)


13.01.2008, 11:05pm - 11:45 pm (CET)

by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier)
as part of the media.art.exhibition JOYES,
medien.kunstlabor Graz (Kunsthaus Graz, 06.12.07-13.01.08)


If you are not in austria, get the audio-live-broadcast online:

X-com is an acoustic map of Johannesburg that was developed by MACHFELD (aka Michael Mastrototaro & Sabine Maier) during their stay in South Africa in 2007. Together with students of the Cityvarsity Johannesburg and of University of Wittwatersrand Johannesburg, the artists explored the multicultural identification of the city of Johannesburg. An approach was to investigate in how far sounds are subject to cultural conditions.

MACHFELD apply old, analogue recording devices as well as new, digital ones in order to develop a cross-continental space of communication for their piece.


http://web.wits.ac.za/ (University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg)

http://www.cityvarsity.co.za/ (Cityvarsity, Johannesburg)

http://kunstradio.at ( Kunstradio-Radiokunst)



Numerous Beginnings

"The beginning of an unfinished sentence" reads No.47 (2007) by Pavel Buchler, one of many contributions to the ongoing online exhibition Why + Wherefore. The sentence fragment succinctly captures the premise of the show, which explores the tension between an art work's initial conception and completion. Curators Summer Guthery, Lumi Tan, and Nicholas Weist invited a diverse group of artists, practicing both online and off, to submit entries around the process of beginning a piece. With the involvement of over 50 artists, the interpretations of "beginning" vary widely. The website deceptively divides separate areas for "Works" and "Project Beginnings + Proposals", after some navigation, however, it becomes quite clear that the entries could easily translate to either category. Filed as a "Work", multimedia installation artist Assume Vivid Astro Focus submitted a series of long and elaborate to do lists. As a list of unfulfilled, amusing intentions (see: "13. Buy urgent: "The Doors of Perception and Heaven and Hell" by Aldous Huxley"), the To Do Lists (2007) demonstrate how quickly and powerfully ideas can emerge and then get lost. Artist Colby Bird's Dave and Tim (2007), also filed as a "Work", opens with the typed lyrics of Lil Jon and the Eastside Boys "Neva Eva" and then rotates through an unending loop of found digital images of keg parties, speaker systems, hallways, cats, teenagers, etc. Framed by an nondescript magazine advertisement, Dave and Tim uses the internet's store of visual detritus to present a bleak portrait of American life marked by consumerism. Artist Bard Ask's Global Perspective (2007), filed as a "Proposal", opens dramatically on a satellite image of the earth, and progressively narrows in on the state of Florida. The dramatic score heightens suspense, and the video closely recalls the opening sequence of a doomsday thriller. Florida ...


January 5 - 26: Beyond Light Bulbs: Eco-Vis Challenge

Eyebeam, 540 W. 21st St. (between 10th Ave. and 11th Ave.), NYC

January will be devoted to setting the green scene with presentations of the winning submissions of the two-part Eco-Vis Challenge, initiated by Eyebeam's Sustainability Research Group. Featuring winners of each of the two Eco-Vis categories (icons and data visualizations), the installation will be an opportunity for participants and visitors to see the projects and learn how and why they were chosen. Going one step further, the display will reveal the workings of Eyebeam's Sustainability Research Group, and their process in designing the challenge, from initial inspiration through completion. The preview of winning projects, selected from a pool of 139 proposals, will be followed by our next major exhibition on sustainability, FEEDBACK, opening March 13.


Projects from Eyebeam's Eco-Vis Challenge, a collaborative initiative between artists and technologists focused on tracking and visualizing environmental data, will be on display during the month of January. The installation is one part of "Beyond Light Bulbs", a programming series based around Eyebeam's Sustainability Research Group.


Christopher Baker’s “My Map”


Email became an integral part of my life in 1998. Like many people, I have archived all of my email with the hope of someday revisiting my past. I am interested in revealing the innumerable relationships between me, my schoolmates, work-mates, friends and family. This could not readily be accomplished by reading each of my 60,000 emails one-by-one. Instead, I created My Map, a relational map and alternative self portrait. My Map is a piece of custom designed software capable of rendering the relationships between myself and individuals in my address book by examining the TO:, FROM:, and CC: fields of every email in my email archive. The intensity of the relationship is determined by the intensity of the line. My Map allows me to explore different relational groupings and periods of time, revealing the temporal ebbs and flows in various relationships. In this way, My Map is a veritable self-portrait, a reflection of my associations and a way to locate myself.

My Map from Christopher Baker on Vimeo.


the PowerPoint Album

Brooklyn-based media moguls Shawn Carter and f@ bring you The Power Point Album. The latest in a long string of black album remixes, this one brought to you by the fffffull fffffat crew.

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