Christian Marc Schmidt
Since 2003
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Christian Marc Schmidt is a multi-disciplinary designer and media artist. His experience spans a diverse range of design disciplines, including print, environmental and interaction design, as well as media installation. His interest in working with information has resulted in an analytic approach that is decidedly parametric and follows a bottom-up paradigm, while recognizing the importance of the user experience. Christian studied economics in Frankfurt, Germany, before moving to New York, where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design, and a Master of Fine Arts from the Yale University School of Art. His work has received recognition in the US and internationally. Christian currently lives in Brooklyn.

Samples of his independent art work are visible at:
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"Driving": motion piece constructed from Google Video footage

Constructing narrative from disparate, yet thematically related elements, the basis of this piece is video footage found through Google Video using "driving" as the search query. I chose results which depicted the road from a first-person perspective. Footage matching this criteria was edited and sequenced to create a narrative spanning various locations around the world, different weather and traffic conditions, highways, country roads and city streets, as well as different times of day. The result is a commentary on the construct and use of space as defined by the path