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vai avanti .com (2006) - Rafael Rozendaal

My god... everything he does is perfect.


Rhizome Editorial Update



When you go surfclubbin', don't forget your hat.

It died because a troll found the page and would maliciously erase everything, everyday.


Net Ae 2.0 postmortem

Net art, at this moment, is a practice that's developing along the same lines that science once developed in --that is, the moment when governments realized that the less they interfered with science the more interesting the results, the practice became much more than just research and application. With that said, I think everyone is, in general, looking in the wrong place. (Kevin and Damon both seemed to understand this very well, and even began to discuss it, until the topic turned to the ever-present, spent subject of "surfing" blogs.) The demands of proficiency in a rapidly advancing technical sphere, the economic opportunities for research, and the intellectual stimulus surrounding many, many work-places encloses an enormous number of people who would have otherwise been described as self-professed artists; as "technicians" they and their ideas are being overlooked, and by bringing in terms such as "the gallery" you're further removing yourself from where the greatest pieces of art will ultimately will end up.