Chris Vecchio
Since 2006
Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania United States of America

In the early 1990s Chris Vecchio began creating active devices, installations, and interventions in an effort to better understand the relationship between man and technology. His creations serve as props which precipitate interaction with, and encourage dialog about, technology. He is particularly interested in the emotional history of applied science, the narrative potential of electronic circuitry, and the use of ambiguous but suggestive user interfaces to generate new modes of interaction.

Chris holds BS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University and has over 20 years of analog, digital, and software design experience. Over the course of the past 10 years his work has been exhibited frequently in both the US and Europe. He is currently on the Board at Nexus, Foundation for Today's Art and works as an independent consultant on medical and industrial ultrasound and interactive exhibition design.
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She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column

"Fifth Column was... a group of women who didn't know how to play or write music. Their raw but determined D.I.Y. approach created powerful punk music..."

That sounds uncannily like UT:

And a quick web search reveals that their music also sounds uncannily like UT.
Thanks for the recommendation!



Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:00 - Sat Mar 07, 2015

Glassboro, New Jersey
United States of America

Curated by Mat Tomezsko, Curator and Program Manager at InLiquid Art & Design, the exhibition features the work of eight Philadelphia-based artists and artist groups making innovative use of new media that collectively examine concepts of materiality, experience, and authorship in technology-based contemporary art.


Lyn Godley
Juggling Wolf
Christopher McManus
New American Public Art
Maria Schneider
Jody Sweitzer
Chris Vecchio

Lyn Godley makes use of naturally occurring responses to particular light wavelengths and imagery in her photographs of water, which are altered digitally and threaded (by hand) with optic fiber and lit with LEDs to achieve an undulating effect.

Juggling Wolf, a multidisciplinary collective dedicated to creating video and animation that is technically challenging and visually rewarding, offers two versions of a new video: one full length playing in the gallery and a shorter version broadcast across campus using the technological infrastructure of the university.

Christopher McManus’ work is a sculpture and a 20 second video that plays in reaction to the audience’s interaction with the sculpture, which is a piece meant to be a physical representation of the internet: friendly, cute, and enticing while simultaneously being completely repulsive, mean-spirited, and horrifying.

A collective of artists, engineers, and designers dedicated to bringing engaging and empowering art to the public, and to encouraging a sense of ownership to community spaces, New American Public Art has created an encounter with a monitor of a live video feed with a temporal delay. The delay is just long enough to create a disconnect, yet remain familiar as viewers are faced with images of themselves from the near past, but just beyond immediate memory.

Maria Schneider’s work begins with a pencil on paper drawing, which is then scanned and laser printed onto layers of polycarbonate and illuminated with LED light. The drawings evoke a common experience and a familiar medium, but are transformed by the technological process to become something new.

Jody Sweitzer’s outdoor sound and video installation is triggered by the movement of pedestrians on the patio after dark. The seemingly sinister messenger subverts the familiar recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance and emphasizes the tendency to insert religion into what is supposed to be a secular context.

TangenT is an artist collective dedicated to mixed-media, project-based immersive art environments exploring socially relevant and politically current themes. At Rowan, their immersive installation of disparate physical, visual, and sound elements seeks to examine the simultaneous connection and disconnection of experience, perception, and knowledge using government reporting on individuals and institutions as a meditation on information control, privacy, and truth.

Chris Vecchio’s Cube acts as a portal to a broad spectrum of audio content. It presents an engaging but ambiguous user interface that is both mysterious and surprising. Elements of both chance and control are at play as the user navigates through a maze of different sonic regions, triggering sound effects, sampling music, and eavesdropping on private conversations. His Printed Circuit Walls celebrate the electronic mechanism by doing away with the constraints of packaging - or even circuit boards. By applying the circuitry directly to the wall, the electronics are free to sprawl, but at the same time integrated and therefore dependent upon the structure and space of a particular location.


Exhibition is free and open to the public Monday – Friday: 10 am – 5 pm, Wednesday: 10 am – 7 pm, and Saturday: noon - 5 pm.

Opening Reception and Artist Talk: Wednesday, February 11, 5 – 7pm


Working Artist Org. / $1000 Working Art Grant / Art Purchase Award / Call for Submissions / November 30, 2014

A $1000 "grant" with a $25 application fee is a raffle not a "grant" (as has been noted before). Please stop posting this spam.


Deep Wireless performances - eletromagnetic medium

Do you really have to spam the list with 10 separate postings about events at the same venue?