chih-min chen
Since the beginning
Works in Taipei Taiwan, Province of China

chih-min chen( is a senior programmer from Taiwan, who teaches communication design, occasionally does critical writings, and regularly makes computer programming or related activities to pursue his muse or just for fun. With a strong engineering background, chih-min received his MFA degree in Electronic Art from University of Cincinnati, Ohio(1999). He is based in Taiwan.

His collaborator, Denise Burge, is is a painter, poet and video artist. She is teaching painting in DAAP, University of Cincinnati.
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> i stayed in kassel for four days. trying to explore the detailed of as many works as i could. then went to linz to vivit ars electronica center. too bad it was aug, and was too early to see "unplugged". but still those works in the center excited me more than documenta did.