Colin Keefe
Since the beginning
Works in Brooklyn United States of America

Not a net artist. Was active on Rhizome RAW back in 96-99. Born in Boston, lived in Williamsburg from 94-2007, now in Philly.

I make old-school pen and ink drawings that explore methods for breeding urban environments using organic models. I also run Mount Airy Contemporary Artists Space in Philadelphia with my wife Andrea Wohl Keefe.
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Breaking the Ice

The value of Rhizome in the 90’s I think was:

a. the name actually described the structure of the conversation (lateral not hierarchical)

b. it was an actual conversation because of that structure

c. the conversation was held by people who loved using words and loved art.

d. anybody could talk, nobody was privileged

e. people were still sussing out what making art on the internet could actually mean

That’s pretty much it. Find a way to do that again in a way that makes sense for 2013 and you’ll be providing something very useful, and true to roots. The last point obviously was because of a historical moment, but we’re always in a historical moment, really.

My personal interest was never really about net art itself, but the fact that talking about net art was always a larger conversation about what art actually is. Which is a pretty darned rare topic in these latter days of Miami art orgies.