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Homo-Habilis Hand-Axe

Mon Apr 28, 2008 00:00 - Tue Apr 24, 2007


The homo-habilis hand axe is an object we feel we distinctly have a relationship with due to its historical importance in the development of the human race. It is essentially the tool that began to blur the boundaries between beast and man. At the moment this tool was created instinct became surpassed by the gradually accumulation of intelligence. We now make tools and extensions of our bodies rather than rely upon instinct to help us survive in the world. Prey and preyed was reversed at this creation and can be seen as the point of departure for all self-conscious thought.

The re-manufacture of the hand-axe questions what contemporary tool production is and has become. The development of tools throughout human history is easily seen as a gradual accumulation of processes and ideas to better suite our needs. Is there really a fundamental difference in the creation of tools that we produce nowadays as opposed to the basic objects made by our very ancient ancestors? What is different in our extensions if manifesting objects in space is part of our instinct?