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Internet Delivers People (2008) - Ramsay Stirling

What's Ramsay Sterling been smoking? The premise of this message, if it's to be taken literally, is just false.

Curt Cloninger points out above that the Serra piece is based on the one-to-many model of television. That analogy just doesn't apply to the web for a variety of reasons. It's not commercially owned, it's barely regulated, anyone can reach an enormous audience with little more than their ideas and a blogger account.

The internet is a *decentralizing* medium. It's the most democratic, egalitarian form of communication that exists on a large scale. Exposure via social media and even commercial search engines like Google is largely based on quality and relevance of content. It has its flaws, but the web is a meritocracy.

Look at online ad revenue and the finances of old media and you'll see that the internet has done more to undermine "commercial" media than anything.

Dan Leslie