Daria Dorosh
Since 2007
Works in Ny, New York United States of America

Daria Dorosh is an artist, activist and founding member of A.I.R. Gallery in New York. Her work spans traditional art media, new media, and technology. Since 1972, she has exhibited in galleries and at media events such as DEAF, DIGit, Siggraph2004, and published her writings in Leonardo, Journal of the International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology. Her last two exhibitions, Plays Well with Others (2004) and The Changing Room (2007) have been curated new media installations with public events revolving around the theme of the show. A 2001 publication Reweaving Time, with essays on the work of Daria Dorosh by David Carrier and Dominique Nahas, is available from A.I.R. Gallery.

After a 36-year career as a fashion design professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, she is currently a researcher with SMARTlab, at the University of East London, where she is working on her thesis, Patterning: the Informatics of Art and Fashion. Fashion is a rich repository of social, historic, and personal information, which she integrates into her art theory and practice. She brings her synthesis of art and fashion to the MAGIC Playroom at SMARTlab, where she is exploring whole garment knitting technology, digital fabric printing, and new ways of engaging the public in designing their own surfaces and fashions.