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Domiziana Giordano: net.artist, writer, video director, painter and photographer, actress, DG is the creator and founder of Digital Sisters Indeed. DG's artwork reveals her ongoing journey into the study of language and communication. Her challenging work meshes unique content from diverse sources into interactive web structures that create a new and different method of story telling - one that illuminates her explorations of the visual arts, the cinema and new technologies.

Reiner Strasser, living and working in Wiesbaden, Germany, was born 1954 in Antwerpen, Belgium. He studied art, art history and philosophy at the University of Mainz, Germany in the 1970's. His Web works, international collaborations, and Web art projects date from 1996. Strasser's Web work has appeared in several exhibitions/publications all over the world since 1997.
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New site, new life.


Things change, sites too. is not there any longer:
It has changed into a different name: WWW.DGTANK.COM

What's new in it?
A multi-layered project called YOU ARE HERE (Quantum Theory Project) that
was presented at a parallel exhibition during Biennale of Venezia called
Fuori-Biennale /Off-Biennale.

IT is a wide work in progress project developed in few years that shows a
topic (a map/street signal) in different media.

With an introduction by art-critic/curator Achille Bonito Oliva, and the
presentation in Venice by curator Cristiano Seganfreddo.

The Quantum Theory is very sexy.


Note from the author:
it's rather awkward to notice that people of this land were I live now,
Italy, is very much scared by science. They are far more confident with
saints, madonnas and priests, various superstitions than rationality....
If we were still under Inquisition I would have been burned as a witch, and
still they look at me as a weirdo.
With this new pope, italians are going back to Middle Age with the same
indifference as ever.
It is quite interesting, from an anthropological point of view, the
enthusiasm they are operating over their own cultural regression.

The non-capital letters are intentional.


It was pure bliss
when I finally achieved silence.



Re: Calipari/Sgrena issue in Iraq.

> From the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, and yet nor read on other
> newspapers:
> From the Multi-NationalForce-Iraq site it is possible to download a PDF file
> (albeit i cannot find it-maybe it has been removed) with the dossier about the
> killing of the Italian secret agent Calipari.
> It is an unclassified PDF file because there's a lot of lines that has been
> covered with black.
> Now: when opening open the PDF file and highlighting the whole text you copy
> and paste into Word file -or whatever you'll be using, you'll have the
> classified text because the blacks have disappeared.
> You can easily download the file directly from
> An click on download calipari_omissis
> best dg


The transit is the message

This presentation took place at the University of Naples
in which Derrick De Kerckhove and the music band Planet Funk also took part.

by Domiziana Giordano
University of Naples - Department of Sociology
June 19th, 2002

Piet Mondrian


Expo 12th of June in Rome


Is pround to present on the cyberspace.

Cristina Belletti's photograqphic works

We hopo you will all be there!

The place is analogic and it will be a beatiful evening!

dsi /Cristina Belletti


It was pure bliss