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Thomas M. Disch's "Endzone"

Brendan, thanks for briefly reviving Tom here. I just wanted to mention that "April 4. Another gray day. Can't find the energy to get the laundry down to the laundry room. The sciatica just won't go away." is actually part of Tom's poem GHOST SHIP, in which he imagines an abandoned blog still taking posts long after the author's last forlorn post. Here's the poem:
Tom was a complicated man who had a tendency to toss bombs and roll loose cannons around in a high sea. You make a good point about his long, flirty relationship with death, but it was more like a hobby as long as Charles Naylor was around. After he lost Charlie and his house was destroyed by black mold, he ran out of fuel. Nobody posted on his blog because we were BBQing on July 4th, living our lives in the open world, and he shot himself to death all alone in that apartment before they could evict him.
ENDZONE is a treasure chest full of gems, sticky with blood, and it's still taking comments like a ghost ship grows barnacles. Post something there if you like.