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Advanced biped mammal; subject to evolutionary biology and a product of peaceful human migration.
Red and yellow, and blue, together with black and white. But these are just words, and none can describe my color name quite.
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My Broken iPhone

Apple success lies not in their iconic hardware design, but in catering to a nostalgic sentiment with their software interface design. the key strength in their interface design is that it makes the user think:

“I know how to use this!” (which is always a false promise)
instead of “Looks like I need to learn to use this new thing.” (which is always the case).

A good example is the invocation of faux leather in the address book application up to the latest iteration of OSX. Clearly far from the best way of presenting detailed contact information on a computer screen, but it prevails due to sentimentality and familiarity. The advertising campaigns are of the same vein, sentimental presentation.



The great battle of Art is the struggle against conformity"

Oh really? thats all that art is?

art does not reject, especially not its models.





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