Dr. Margot Krasojevic
Since 2006
Works in United States of America

Using simulation, computer scripting, and technology’s influence on society to underline the relationship between psychology, neurology, phobia, and the experience of space. Focusing on pathological Spatial experiences within the realms of psychology, neurology, perception in order to define design criteria's for architectural intervention.
Margot Krasojevic is a writer, critic, consultant, and lecturer of contemporary design and architecture based in London. Trained in architecture at the Architectural Association, the Bartlett School of Architecture, U.C.L. and M.I.T. Media Lab, she specializes in the dissemination of architecture through media, curatorial practice, research, teaching and practice. She has published two monographs of her architectural design research edited by Professor Lebbeus Woods and Professor Jonathan D. Solomon entitled Spatial Pathology Floating Realities and Dynamics & De-realisation respectively. The director of Decodeine, a research lab and studio located in Beijing and Belgrade; and contributor to a number of international publications on architecture and design. Acted as lead tutor at The Bartlett, Washington University, University of Western Austrail, Berkley and University of Greenwich. She has lived in Mongolia, Beijing, Belgrade, St.Louis, San Fransisco, Perth propr to which she has worked with the Office of Zaha Hadid, NOX and Morphosis.


U.C.L.Currently undertaking Ph. D
Schizophrenia & Perception of Space2001
School of Architecture M. Arch Distinction1996-97
Architectural AssociationDiploma1994-96
R.I.B.A. Part II
South Bank UniversityB.A. (HONS) Architecture1990-93
1st Class Degree
R.I.B.A. Part I

Scholarships & Awards

Third Year Student selected for Building Design Student Review Sept 2001
First year student awarded SE Region R.I.B.A. portfolio prize
(Greenwich University)2000
Architectural AssociationStudent Scholarship1995-96
Architectural AssociationStudent Scholarship1994-9
R.I.B.A. Student Bronze medalHonourable Mention 1993

Work Experience

Digital Architecture 2006Wessex Institute/ Korea Sept 2006
Ars ElectronicaDecodeine design work Lecture 2006
Tongji UnivesityDigital Architecture Design Studio 2005
Belgrade3 Private Residential projects 2004-
Beijing/Mongolia, Erdos Pharmaceutical Laboratory Interior,
Residential Planning and
Private Residential project 2004-06
Sheffield University Auto-Suggestion Lectures2004
Washington UniversityAdvanced Digital Design Studio TutorSchool of ArchitectureDynamics/Simulation in Architecture
Lecture Seminar `Pathological Space’2003-04
DecodeineResidential Design Projects2001-05 Digital Design Laboratory.
University North LondonGuest critic2002-03Washington UniversityInvited Critic2001-03BartlettUnit 4 (Undergraduate) Lead Tutor2000-02
Sheffield UniversityInvited critic2000-01
Greenwich UniversityAtelier 4 2nd/3rd years Lead Tutor2000-01
Greenwich UniversityAtelier 4 2nd/3rd years Lead Tutor1999-00ARS Electronica -LinzInvited to exhibit work and lecture on
Temporality within Built environment1999
Greenwich University1st year Lead Studio Tutor1998-99
AXI:omeCollaboration Norway Opera House1998-99
Bartlett school of architectureGuest Critic for M.Arch1997-2003
Neil Spillar, David Greene
Zaha HadidHayward Gallery Design1997-98
100 Years of Addressing
Art & Fashion
Kite Museum Competition
Millennium Dome, `The Mind’
Greenwich University1st year Atelier lead tutor1997-98
Architecture & Landscape1998-99Simon Powell ArchitectsDesign Consultant August 1996
Michael Squire AssociatesAssistant Architect1994-95


Digital Design AwardTop 20 Finalist2006
Van Alen Parachute PavilionExhibited & Published2005
Van Alen Urban VoidsExhibited& Published 2005
FEIDAD Defining Digital DesignTop 20 Finalist2003
e-competitions Possible FuturesFinalist2003
FEIDAD Digital Design Semi Finalist2001
DOES Ephemeral StructuresSemi Finalist2002
Miami Biennale e-competitionTop 10 project2001
Work exhibited Florida University
Concept House 1999Work exhibited R.I.B.A.2000
Norweigan Opera HouseProject Exhibited Oslo2000
Entertainment Centre/Bowling AlleyPublished in Frame Magazine 1999
Pier 40Work Exhibited & Published1998 Colombia University
2G-Barcelona PavilionHonourable mention1998
BIGFOOT, L.AAmerican Football StadiumCourt of Honour1997-98
Project exhibited L. A.
public library
Peter Sabara2nd prize1994
drawing prize
Membrane TowerFischer 1,000 European Architects
Paranoid?I.D. Magazine August 06
SPA ceLiaoning, China Interiors May 06
Spatial PathologySubtle Technologies June 06
Derealised Vertigo1,000 European Architects May 06
`Projected Realities’MOCOLOCO. Japan design
`Swimming Pool’CTRL28 Magazine
`The Illusion of the AbsenceCabinet Magazine & MOCOLOCO
of Technology’
`Pathological Space’FEIDAD, Designing Digital
Architecture January 2004
`Forward Masking’Developing Digital Architecture 2002 January 2004
Birkhauser Publications
`Floating Realities’306090.05.Princeton Press September 2003
`Observatory’Journal of Architectural Education September 2003
`Schizophrenia & Space’FEIDAD April 2002
Defining Digital Architecture
`Animating The Monument‘306090 March 2002Princeton Press Publications
`Floating RealitiesPortfolio work published with BartlettAtelier 4 2001
Approaches within design StudioBuilding Design & Architecture Design MagazineSeptember 2001
Blueprint (Hayward Gallery100 Years of addressing
drawings)Art & Fashion
Building Design October 1998
A.A. projects reviewDiploma project/Paris1995-96
A.A. projects reviewPre-Diploma project/N.Y.1994-95
Architecture TodayMichael Squire Associates April 1997
Limehouse Youth Centre

20th China Building ConferencePathological Space 2006
Lab 3000, AustraliaSwimming Pool 2006
Van Alen/ Animated Dunes 2005-06
Storefront Bookstore New York`Dynamics & Simulations’
The Animated Monument2006
C3:Gallery, Pompei A.D.Collectives & Manifestoes. 2004
Storefront Bookshop.New YorkDecodeine Studio Work. Sept 2003
Washington university
School of Architecture `Decodeine Design’ April 2003
Oxo Tower Private Portfolio work`FRAGMENTS’ May-July 2001
ARS Electronica-LinzLife Science exhibition Sept 2000
R.I.B.A. ManchesterConcept House entry March 2000 Van Allen Institute New YorkPier Competition Sept 1998S.I.A.R.K. (L.A.)Masters exhibition Oct 1997