dylan davis
Since 2005
Works in North Melbourne, Virgin Islands Australia

Dylan Davis is a multimedia designer and a lecturer in multimedia at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia.
In 1992 Dylan discovered multimedia whilst study animation at Middlesex University. After a number of years of working in the UK for various multimedia companies, Dylan moved to Australia.
Dylan currently runs 3 web based projects, This Is Not London, a collection of his travel photography, I See Shadows, a collection of shadow photography exploring the feelings of detachment and isolation faced by a new migrant, and The World Is Our Sound Toy, a collection of sound toys inspired by his travels around Australia and his love of the interactive medium.
Dylan work has been exhibited online at Rhizome.org, Soundtoys.net and is part of the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum, WB05 - Web Biennial 2005. He has had works exhibited in Hong Kong, in the UK as part of the Soundtoys.net travelling exhibition and has upcoming exhibitions in the United States