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Born in 1977 in Italy. He is a: laptop musician playing also piano, guitar and bass; programmer (electronic engineering master-degree; expert on wireless communications), visual digital artist. He has taken part in various exhibitions on the web (with HTML, Flash or mp3 works) and also in real places (digital videos, live performances with laptop, sound installations). He also writes music for contemporary dance performances.

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Re: Re: Cloned Object or Cloned Zanni ? This is the problem

The matter is not so simple.... "memory" and "authorship" could lead to "copyright" and related problems (see the music industry). Do we really want to stab eachother with copyright issues etc etc? Surely not.. but at the same time it would be sad (for the artist and the viewer) if every two years an identical artwork comes out and everybody think that it is a brand new idea.... maybe the artbase and similar "institutions" should prevent this??? any solution???

zanni.org wrote:

> Hi Marc,
> no I didn't approach him, because I think there is no reason. Perhaps
> we had
> the same idea.. There is just a difference in the time and as author I
> wanted to remark what I did.
> I think this fact hides two key issues present in new media art works:
> I mean memory and authorship.
> Due to the ephemerality of net works, this two factors require a lot
> of
> attention in an historicization - storage process. (even if partial as
> the
> artbase is)
> I sent that email to Rachel and Mark but they didn't answer.
> cz


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