Edward Tang
Since 2003
Works in Seattle, Washington United States of America

Edward Tang (BM '01, MPS '03) is a working visual and sound artist in Seattle, WA. His background is in classical music performance and digital audio and he worked as a freelance audio/music editor for broadcast and new media in New York City. He has exhibited interactive 3D pieces in galleries and shows throughout Europe and New York City. His current work has largely abandoned existing software packages and focuses on how the human presence can be used as the impetus for interactive sculpturally and architecturally tinged visual and sound works.

He is currently a PhD student and a teaching associate at the Center for Digital Art and Experimental Media (DXARTS) at the University of Washington.

Check http://www.rhizome.org/member.rhiz?user_id=1031550 out for works and information about a recently completed collaboration.
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Re: Rhizome needs to drop its membership fee and free its content

Patrick lichty wrote:

> Perhaps Rhizome could have a 'tiered' access plan, where a
> significant portion of the content is open, but contacts,
> opportunities, and other parts could be pay to play.

Does rhizome.org get considerably more traffic on Fridays?

Reading this thread earlier today I was wondering why this sort of idea hadn't been mentioned or implemented - although I'm sure this isn't the first time this discussion has occured. Perhaps an approach when recent portions of the content (the net art news, artbase, calendar, etc.) are open to the public but to access the site fully and to contribute and participate the fee can be instituted? I don't see how spammers/hucksters would ruin the signal/noise ratio in that case.

I echo the initial poster's frustations about not being able to link to rhizome pages to the outside world - rhizome feels strangely walled off.

- Ed


Re: Re: Re: Deadline Extended for DIS 2004 Exhibits, Boston

Kanarinka wrote:

> We submit a pre-proposal from iKatun and have not heard anything
> back.
> Anyone else?
> kanarinka

K, thanks Pall and kanarinka, just checking. They probably got totally swamped.....

- Ed


Re: Deadline Extended for DIS 2004 Exhibits, Boston

Did anyone get a pre-proposal back with commentsfrom them when they first posted this opportunity up awhile ago?

- Ed

Hyun-Yeul Lee wrote:

> Call for exhibition proposals - DIS 2004 Boston
> *Extended Submission Deadline: April 20th, 2004
> Exhibition Overview
> DIS 2004 is keen to further encourage interchange between artists and
> designers engaged with exploring the boundaries of interactive
> technologies, through the addition for the first time of an exhibition
> programme of design and art projects. Accepted submissions will also
> be eligible for the DIS 2004 Design Awards. If you wish your work to
> be considered for the design awards please see the Design Awards
> section of the DIS 2004 website - www.sigchi.org/dis2004
> We particularly encourage:
> - exhibits relating to industrial/commercial design projects
> - interactive performance and installation based work
> - site-specific interactive work
> - work that 'leaks out' into the surrounding
> environment/community/context, or that encourages the surrounding
> environment/community/context to 'leak into' the conference
> - web and screen based work
> - interactive installations/performances
> - work that explores new forms of interaction, or exploits emerging
> interaction technologies
> - work that blurs boundaries between e.g. interaction design and
> product design, interaction design and architecture, interaction
> design and fashion, etc.
> Submission Process
> Final proposals
> Final proposal packages should include the following information and
> supporting materials. In general they will include the following:
> - names and contact details of the proposers
> - a technical summary of the requirements for exhibit
> - a summary of the interaction experience for the audience and an
> indication of how much space will be required for the exhibit
> - a clear statement as to what technical support will be required from
> the exhibits committee and what technical needs will be met by the
> proposer
> - c. 750 word max proposal outlining the aims and objectives of the
> project, and the form of the exhibit (screen shots, mock-ups etc may
> be included as appendices)
> - brief CVs of the proposers including details of previous exhibits
> (if any)
> - samples of the work can be submitted in *either physical or digital
> form:
> [physical submission: designs must be submitted via four (4) copies of
> physical media (CDROM, DVD, PC Format Diskette or NTSC or PAL VHS
> Videotape)]
> [digital submission: web sites that contain designs and support
> material (i.e. *.jpeg, *.mov, *.mpeg, etc; note that if web sites are
> not operational at the time of review, the proposal will be rejected.]
> Exhibition co-chairs: Catriona Macaulay (Centre for Interactive Media
> Design, University of Dundee, UK) and Hyun-Yeul Lee (MIT Media Lab,
> US)
> Important Dates
> *Final proposal submission deadline: April 20th, 2004
> Notification of results: May 1st 2004
> Exhibition/conference dates: 1st - 4th August 2004
> (* The deadline has been extended to April 20th from the previous
> deadline March 10th, 2004)
> Mailing Instructions
> [1] Physical Submissions (final proposals via mail) should be sent to:
> Dr Catriona Macaulay
> School of Design, Centre for Interactive Media Design
> University of Dundee
> Faculty of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design
> Perth Road, Dundee DD1 4HT
> UK
> Email: catriona@computing.dundee.ac.uk
> [2] Digital Submissions (final proposals via email with URL pointer)
> should be sent to:
> Email: catriona@computing.dundee.ac.uk
> Include in the subject line of the email: "DIS2004 Exhibits Final
> Proposal"
> Include in the body of the email: Name/s of submission applicants,
> Title of work, and URL pointer to website


Molotov Landscapes

Hi Joy (and everyone else listening)!

With my first post to rhizome, this is my humble contribution to the Distorted Molotov-ness, I post this link with my best wishes that all of this Stuff will work itself out soon for you and they stop bothering you!


- Ed