Edwin VanGorder
Since 2010
Works in Madison, Wisconsin United States of America

I am a cyber drawing artist interested in building my archives as my art form which integrates trace both in the sense of genuine movement and prosody as well as the sense of semiotic blending which creates unusual architectures out of drawing as a cross-disciplinaric rhetoric or morphogenic agency of becoming.
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Rethinking Curating: Art After New Media

The review in its sympathy for history according to multi textual resourcefullness finds , implicitly restates, the traditional openendedness that is this approaches decisive signature. But it has been upon me for some time to wonder...whether the successfull deconstructing away of the idea of "essential" constructions as being only quasi informed does not in turn perhaps yield a question as to the origins of intuition. I am not convinced by the wake and trough of activity that surround the opening of this book according to the reviewers take intuition and by this I mean the older perceptions of wholenesss accruing within perception of perception have not become confused and tangled threads of critical editing of approach modes