Ethan Ham
Since 2005
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Ethan Ham is a visual artist living in New York City. Ethan's former career as a game developer can be seen in the art he makes. The artworks often playful and demonstrate his continuing interest in the interaction between an artwork and its beholder. His work often explores themes of translation and mutation and take the form of literary/art hybrids, sculpture, and internet-based art. His art has been commissioned by and and has been exhibited at the PS122 Gallery (New York, NY), The National Portrait Gallery (Canberra, Australia), The Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Novi Sad, Serbia), and on the websites of The Museum of Graphic Arts (Machida City, Japan) and The Museum of Contemporary Art (Badajoz, Spain).
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MFA in Digital & Interdisciplinary Art Practice

Tue Feb 01, 2011 00:00

Develop a critical art practice in digital media. Use a research perspective to explore the relationship between technology and art, and earn an MFA degree in New York City.

The City College of New York's Art Department is pleased to announce a new Master of Fine Arts degree program in Digital and Interdisciplinary Art Practice [DIAP] to begin in September 2011. Applications for the inaugural class will be accepted online through February 1st 2011.

Students in the Digital Interdisciplinary Art Practice [DIAP] MFA Program will explore advanced strategies in digital, photographic and interdisciplinary media from a conceptually-driven and research-based perspective.

The [DIAP] MFA integrates a range of digital and interdisciplinary media within the context of contemporary art practice, encouraging critical discourse and a reevaluation of artistic practice applied to the development of works at the intersection of technology and art.

Please visit for further details.


Call For Proposals: 2D Artists Apply to Our Art Competition - Theme “Colors”

Jeez, it looks like this online "gallery" cleared $1000 in submission fees in its very first monthly competition. It charges $9 to submit one artwork, $2 for each additional artwork and had 74 artists submit 262 works of art. Not bad for something that has no more prestige/presence than the fact it is a website.

Ironically, the site had an advertisement on it for "art scams:don't be a victim" ( that warns about vanity galleries. To be fair though, the guy who runs the site (based on his bio) seems to submit to a lot of these art competition "opportunities" himself so he probably sincerely thinks they are worthwhile.


Call For Artworks: iphone art exhibition

It would be nice if Rhizome should charge for announcements of "opportunities" that require a payment. Perhaps the posting charge could be on a sliding scale and be set to whatever is the event's entry fee?


What am I doing wrong

In responding to the artwork (and not responding to issue of being added to ArtBase), my suggestion would be to push it farther and think about why you are making the choices you are making.

For example, I think doing something with the images on pizza boxes is interesting (by the way, I think there's a discussion to be had about whether all the images are in fact stereotypes--perhaps "caricatures" is a better way to describe them as a gorup?). However, I think there is probably a better way of engaging with the subject matter & material.

I'm left wondering if presenting the images as time-elapse drawings is the best way--and wondering why you made that choice. It's certainly possible that I'm missing some deeper resonance here, but my impression is of an artwork that is halfway-cooked. I'm also wondering why you specified that the pizza images were taken from the internet--is that important to the work, or was it just a convenience? (And if it was a convenience, then why mention it?)

And stepping back, I'm left wondering if time-elapse drawing is really the best medium to explore the idea of the pizza box imagery... You have the opportunity to do something with the actual pizza boxes and I suspect that using the physicality of them would likely be more effective/interesting.

If you generalize these comments, I think they could be applied to most of what is in your Rhizome portfolio. I think you are picking interesting source materials (verification audio, verification text, etc.), but I would like to see some meaningful manipulation/investigation beyond the step of making the appropriation.


What am I doing wrong

While realizing that what is considered expensive is relative to one's financial means, you should be able to find something that isn't too burdensome.

Last I looked, it was pretty easy to find web hosting for about $60/year. If you want database support, it might go up to around $100. If the prices you're finding are significantly higher than that, you might be looking at dedicated hosting service, which you probably don't need.