Eva Schindling
Since 2007

Eva Schindling (Austria) creates hardware and software solutions in the interdisciplinary zone between art, science, technology and design. Driven by a fascination for the emergence of complexity and the nature of reality her research puts a focus on the dynamics of non-linear processes. Her work ranges from embodied evolutionary robotics, algorithmic pattern formation to the visualization of otherwise invisible sound waves and has been shown at the Japan Media Arts festival, Hong Kong’s Museum of Art, Moscow’s Biennale of Contemporary Art, Burning Man, the Pixxelpoint festival in Slovenia, and Nuit Blanche Toronto. She worked as a research assistant at the Banff New Media Institute in Canada, exploring the emergence of complexity from electronic circuits, rapid prototyping possibilities for data visualizations and encounters with the fourth dimension in a virtual reality CAVE. Currently she works as a creative technologist at Daily Tous Les Jours in Montreal.
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Robotic Artificial Life Art

The art work 'Spinal Rhythms' presents a solution on how to bridge the gap between digital and robotic artificial life art. It introduces the shaping power of evolutionary systems - widely employed in digital artificial life - into a real-world setup full of complex dynamics and unpredictable conditions.

'Spinal Rhythms' investigates the qualities and dynamics of physical movement performed by inanimate shapes. Abstract stick-creature are actuated by elastic shape memory alloy springs and perform slow and noiseless movements. The movements are the subject of an embodied evolutionary computation process that controls the robotic performance. The system evolves the actuation signals for the robotic muscles and tries to find efficient solutions for the sensitive dynamics between software, hardware and environment.

The project was conducted by Eva Schindling as a 6 month research for her Thesis in the MSc. programme 'Art and Technology'.