G.H. Hovagimyan
Since 2003
Works in New York, New York United States of America

G. H. Hovagimyan is an experimental cross media, new media and performance artist who lives and works in New York City. He was born 1950 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1972, He received a B.F.A from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and received an MA from New York University in 2005. He is a professor at the School of Visual Arts in the MFA Computer Arts Department. He was one of the first artist's in New York to start working in Internet Art in 1993 with such artist's online groups as, the thing, ArtNetWeb, and Rhizome.
He has collaborated with English/French sound artist Peter Sinclair (sound artist) on a number of works. <br>

From 1973 to 1986 he was involved in the SoHo and Lower East Side underground art scene. He exhibited a rigorously conceptual art show at 112 Workshop in 1973. He was a friend of the artist Gordon Matta-Clark who was also involved in 112 Workshop. He worked with Matta-Clark on several projects namely; Days’ End, Conical Intersect, Walking Man’s Arch, and Underground Explorations. In 1974 during the video-performance series at 112 Greene Street, he performed opposite Spaulding Gray in Richard Serra's video, A Prisoner's Dilemma.<br>

Much of his early work was ephemeral in nature. It involved performance art, written and language works and temporary installations in galleries. A word piece, Tactics for Survival in the New Culture, was exhibited in "The Manifesto Show" (1979) organized by the artist collective colab. This particular piece was to become the basis for one of his first online hypertext works in 1993. He showed in several group exhibitions organized by Jean Dupuy, a French Fluxus artist living in New York at 405 E. 13th Street. In 1980 he did a series of punk performance pieces for Artist's Space series called Open Mic. One piece, Rich Sucker Rap was recorded by Davidson Gigliotti for a video tape called Chant Accapella which Electronic Arts Intermix carries in its catalog. He also performed in several No Wave Cinema films among them, The Offenders(1980) by Scott B & Beth B and The Deadly Art of Survival by Charles Ahearn.

In the early 1990’s he started working in Media Art and New Media Art. Some of the pieces involve using a combination of photographs and text, often mimicking advertising. In May, 1994 his twenty billboard project for Creative Time, Hey Bozo… Use Mass Transit, received quite a bit of press. The work was seen on several newscasts such as Good Day New York, and the NBC Nightly News (nationally). It was written up in the NY Post, NY Daily News, The New York Times, etc. A telephone interview with the artist and a report on the project was distributed over the AP newswire.

Around the same time he began working with computers and the internet. One of the earliest internet artists, his first pieces, BKPC, Art Direct and, Faux Conceptual Art, were written about in the art magazines Art in America ( Robert Atkins, 1995 Art in America, December, “Art On Line” pp.63) and Art Press (Special Issue, Techno: Anatomy of electronic culture, 1998) France. He also hosted an internet radio/TV talk show called Art Dirt. The first of it's kind, Art Dirt, is part of the Walker Art Center's Digital Studies Archives collection. Of his collaborative works with Peter Sinclair, the most well known are a Soapopera for Laptops/ iMacs, Shooter and Rant/ Rant Back/ Back Rant. Shooter, an immersive sound and laser installation was developed at Eyebeam Atelier as part of its’ Artist in Residence program.
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IFC Hack - web 2.0


About a year ago I did a prankster net.art piece called "IFC Hack"
Here in NYC, there's a TV station called IFC (independant film channel). All the young film makers aspire to have their work presented on IFC. A year ago they opened up a youTube like website where everyone could upload their films. They have a rating system based on two parts; 1. how many hits and 2. votes by other members (you must join the IFC site to upload a film). I tend to stay away main stream commercial art endeavours. I find them stupid, boring and old fashioned. I decided on a lark to see what my videos would do on the IFC channel. http://medialab.ifc.com/film_detail.jsp?film_id=1496 I uploaded a video and voted for myself, giving myself 5 stars. Then, since I have two emails I joined again and voted again. My video shot up to number one on the list. This lasted for about 15 minutes then I was knocked off by someone giving me a one star rating that lowered my average. I noticed that the same 10 videos were always on top. I decided to play a game. I found videos from honest people who had put up videos but not voted for themselves. I immediately gave them all five stars knocking the top ten films off the front page. This lasted for around 15 minutes and then all the original 10 videos were reestablished via a large number of votes cast. I realized this was impossible. There must have been producers and promoters who were manipulating the voting to keep their products on top. Since I have my own server I decided to set up a crude system where I gave myself hundreds of email addresses. I then voted for my video and or other videos to keep me on top and kick off the other 10 videos. This went on for a couple of days but the end result was that my IP was banned from the site. I imagine that the other marketers were more cleaver than I was and simply used google mail or figured out a rotating ip address or any of the myriad other ways you can use to mask information trails. In any case. The moral of the story is that information and democratic "polls" are being manipulated and distorted by those who have the tech savvy or paid marketers. It's the height of propaganda. In my experience, mediocrity with power wins out over talent. This is the metaphor for the era of the George Bush presidency.


Artists Meeting Large Scale Projections on Manhattatan Bridge


Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn
September 28, 29, 30th, 7pm to 11pm
Front Street & Adams Street, Brooklyn
Video Projection on the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage

I've been working with a group of artists over the summer. We have been finding ways to collaborate with each other through an open dialogue and discussion about art and group praxis. The name of the group is Artists Meeting;

Participating Artists include Leesa Abahuni, Nicole Abahuni, James Andrews, Daniel Blochwitz, Chris Borkowski, Ursula Endlicher, G.H. Hovagimyan, Thomas Hutchison, Lara Star Martini, Nsumi Group, [PAM], Joao Salema, Raphaele Shirley, Jason Wee, Lee Wells.

We will present our first public collaborative video installation this weekend at the Art Under the Bridge Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn. We will project two 30 foot by 40 foot videos onto the south side of the Manhattan Bridge Anchorage from the loading dock just off the corner of Front and Adams.

The video projections are a mash up of short video clips and text documentation archived through emails as well as the group discussions online.

The content of the video is a mixture of documentation of meetings, a bocce ball game in which the artists play ball and talk about collaborating, self portraits of the artists, as well as abstract videos, motion studies, still photos, text, slides of various group proposals and a text crawl of emails.

The audio portion of the installation will be carried by several people wearing miniature clip on amplifiers to create a "Mobile Surrounding Sound" performance. The live loudspeaker personnel will interact with the viewers as they watch.

The result is an energetic display of sound and image can be seen in the tradition of Guy Debord's, The Society of the Spectacle.

Artists Meeting generously was loaned two high powered projectors from Future Lighting (http://www.futurelighting.net) owner and LA based artist Paul Sangster. And the Foragers Restaurant is providing electricity and a location to project from. In addition, Foragers' is hosting an Argentinian Barbecue on Saturday and Sunday.

The 11th Annual Art Under the Bridge Festival takes place from September 28-30, 2007, in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. Dumbo Arts Center, the Festival's producer is anticipating over 150,000 visitors again this year. Sixty new art works will be scattered throughout the neighborhood, while 158 private studios will open to the public and exhibitions will run in sixteen different venues.

The event is the single largest urban forum for experimental art in the United States that transforms the distinctive waterfront neighborhood into a multi-sensory public art arena. http://www.dumboartscenter.org/festival.html

For more information please goto: http://post.thing.net/forum/812
Press contact - "G.H. Hovagimyan" <ghh(AT)thing.net>




Artists Meeting - gumbo@dumbo
September 28, 29, 30th, 7pm to 11pm
Front Street & Adams Street, Brooklyn
Video Projection on the Manhattan Bridge

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Sound art degree

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Open Call

Locus Sonus Lab is recruting 3 research fellows for the academic year

Locus Sonus is a research group specialized in audio art
(involving the participating schools: Ecole Superieure d